Getting Started

What to Pack when Visiting Philppines

Umbrellas or Raincoats

The Philippines has a tropical rainforest climate which means it rains in our country almost every month. So when you plan to visit the country and commuting is your mode of transportation, be sure to pack an umbrella, water resistant jacket or a raincoat. But don’t worry if you forget to bring one because umbrellas are very cheap in the city, especially if you know where to buy exactly. It can be bought in the mall from 88 pesos to 300 pesos.

Sunblock, Bathing Suits, and Beach outfits

There is so many beautiful beaches found in the country like Boracay, Laiya, Palawan, which why it is very important that you never forget to bring your beach outfits and sunblock. Not unless you sunbathing is your thing then you don’t need to bring sunblock.

Good Walking Shoes

When visiting the Philippines, or any country, it’s always best to use a good pair of walking shoes. It’s likely that you’ll be walking all day, visiting one tourist spot to another, so having good shoes will make it easier for you to survive the day to day walking. However, for those who prefers wearing heels, you can just bring back up sandals or slip on when your feet gets tired.

Cameras, Memory Cards and Powerbanks

Of course don’t forget to bring a camera, whether it is a DSLR, digital camera, or phone camera. Taking photos of the beautiful places and things you see are the best remembrance you can get from any place. And to make sure you never run out of shots, don’t forget to bring memory cards and power banks. If in case you forget to bring one, you can buy one memory card for 150 pesos and a power bank around 500 pesos.

Water Bottles and Face Towels

Since its hot, most of the time in the Philippines, bringing water bottles to quench your thirst and face towels to wipe way your sweat. It’s not really required to bring one because you can always buy one almost anywhere for 10 to 25 pesos each. Face tissues or thicker tissue papers are good alternatives for towels too. It would also help if you can bring or buy a fan, hand-carry electric fan because it can get really hot during noon.