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How to Get Your Vaccination Card Authenticated in Quezon City

After getting your 2nd dose of vaccine and completing the 2 to 3 weeks wait before you consider yourself fully vaccinated, its crucial that you also get your vaccination card authenticated by the Quezon city government. This authentication is required as it is your proof that your vaccination card is certified and that your vaccination has been recorded in the city government data. And if you are also a resident of Quezon City, here are the steps you need to go through to get your card authenticated.

Vaccination card authentication center in Quezon City

What do I need to bring to have my vaccination card authenticated in Quezon City?

The 2 documents you need to bring with you is your vaccination card and a valid I.D. You can use any government issued ID or even company ID. As you arrive in the authentication center, inform the guard which district you are from and he will tell you which area to go to and when its your turn to go inside the office.

When you enter the office, look for your district number and sit on any vacant chair from that area. Wait until its your turn and present the documents required. The facilitator may ask the dates when you were vaccinated and the exact area where you were vaccinated so make sure to remember that place. After they verify your data, the facilitator will sign your card and stick the authentication sticker and you are good to go!

Of course the facilitator will also give you your baller band which is like your souvenir for being fully vaccinated and almost 100% safe from COVID 19.

Where is the Quezon City vaccination card authentication center?

It is located in Quezon City circle near the parking area. For a more detailed direction, you may also ask the security guard for directions as you enter the property. Unlike the pre-pandemic days, entry to the property is now free regardless of the number of people inside. The guard may however check the individuals inside a vehicle to make sure no minors are inside as it is not yet permitted by our local government.

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