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Best Pest Control Service in Manila Philippines

If you are looking for the best pest control service in Manila, Philippines for your house, office, restaurant, factory, or any type of property, our group recommends Triple-A Pest Terminator, Inc. We’ve always been impressed with their quality service at an affordable cost and their great customer service that always takes time to answer all our questions and cater to all our needs.

Pest control quezon city

Pest control services in Manila

Recognized and Accredited Pest Control Operator in Quezon City and Metro Manila

As business owners in the Quezon city and Manila, one of the requirements by the Quezon city hall, Malabon city hall and some other cities in Manila is to have regular pest control. Food businesses needs at least monthly treatment while offices or non-food businesses only need treatment every 6 months. With Triple-A Pest Terminator, they provide a same-day release of the certificate and a copy of their sanitary report (for Quezon city businesses). This means that I will have all the documents I need from them right after the treatment.

This is important because there are days when we totally forget our due date of submission is near so we contact them to schedule treatment right away. So if our due date is the next day, we will have the treatment done tonight and receive all the documents needed for tomorrow’s due date.

Quick and Friendly Customer Service

Another reason why we truly recommend Triple-A Pest Terminator, Inc as the top pest control in Manila is their quick and friendly customer service. Since we don’t have any experience in pest control, their staff are kind enough to explain what our company needs, how we can have our pest control service requirements without going over our budget, and how they can help us improve our pest control management.

FREE inspection service (absolutely no commitments!) and FREE training to our Employees

And if this is your first time too to inquire, they offer free inspection service so they can give your property a quote with details of their service so you can compare it with other pest control companies and see which offers a better rate. And don’t worry as asking for a free inspection comes with ZERO commitments.

Should you do try to avail of their services, it comes with free training for your employees who can accompany them during their visits. The training focuses on giving them pointers to help lower the current infestation in your property and prevent a reinfestation once they have eradicated it.

For inquiries, contact Triple-A Pest Terminator, Inc. via email, call or text 0917 517 8222 / 8986 3795 or visit their website at


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