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OFWs Can Get $200 Cash Assistance During COVID-19 Outbreak and Here’s How to Avail It

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has announced earlier that they will be providing cash aid to OFWs affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The news came from the labor secretary himself, Silvestre Bello III.

OWWA to give cash assistance for OFWs

How to avail cash relief assistance from DOLE for OFWs

He estimated the program can assist 70,000 OFWs and will have a total budget of PHP 1.5 billion, including the assistance for local employees.
How to claim the financial assistance for OFWs?
OFWs can avail the assistance program by contacting POLO in the country where they are working or via Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) if they are already in the Philippines.
According to the labor secretary, 35 million from the budget has already been released to workers affected. OWWA also reported they have started releasing the cash assistance for OFWs affected by the travel ban in Macao, Hong Kong, and mainland China.
According to an article posted in, they are also encouraging OFWs in the Ilocos region and affected by the travel ban to visit their nearest office to ask about the cash relief assistance.
Who can avail of the cash relief assistance by DOLE for OFW?
OWWA also said all documented OFWs, including newly hired or “balik-mangagawa” and all affected by the ban, can avail the special program. This is regardless of their OWWA membership status.
Applicants just need to bring a set of requirements which include their valid passport, airline ticket, proof of employment (overseas employment certificate) and their valid contract.
COVID-19 Outbreak
WHO has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, infecting more than 400,000 persons in the whole world. As of writing, USA and Italy has already exceeded the number of cases from China.


  1. Good day,

    I am returning OFW, I didn’t received yet the cash assistance for affected of this pandemic. I registered in akap dole but my application was disapproved.

    Hoping for response!
    Thank you!

    Carol M. Abelgas

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