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How to Claim DOLE’s Cash Assistance to Employees Affected by COVID-19 Outbreak

DOLE is offering cash assistance to private company employees affected by the coronavirus disease 19 outbreak. Regardless of the employee’s status, workers can receive up to PHP 5,000 from DOLE. This includes regular employees, probationary or even contractual.

This new program is called COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) and was signed last March 17, 2020 and is reported to have a budget of PHP 1.3 billion to benefit 250,000 workers in the country.

How to Claim the Cash Assistance from DOLE

To claim DOLE’s cash assistance, the employee must inform their employers first. The employer is in charge of informing DOLE of the number of employees who will avail their cash assistance program.

All the private companies need to do is download a copy of DOLE’s Establishment Report Form (ERF) which asks for the company’s payroll for February or January. This form can be downloaded from DOLE’s official website.

Online Application of DOLE’s Cash Assistance

DOLE has also allowed an online application of the program via their website. Their officials will require 3 days or 72 hours to evaluate the submission and will reply to the company whether the application is approved or denied.

One reason why an application can be denied is if there is a misrepresentation of facts or submitting falsified documents.

If the submission is approved, DOLE will send the cash assistance within 2 weeks via bank transfer so no personal visit is needed all throughout the process.

The employer will then be in charge of distributing the PHP 5,000 cash assistance to each of their employees.

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  1. Wala kami natanggap dalawa kami hindi po daw pwdeng kasi ung id nanan hindi dito naka address kaya hindi kami nakakuha ng 5k 8k kahit pinakita na ung mga bata katunayan hindi kami nagsisinugaling pero hindi daw pwdeng dapat naka address dito hahaha kawawa naman ung lumilipat lipat ng bahay

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