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GOOD NEWS: PhilHealth Will Shoulder Expenses of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Earlier this month, PhilHealth announced they will release the needed budget to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes shouldering the expenses of patients associated with COVID-19 disease as well as the medical cost of medical frontliners, according to PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales in a video that aired over People’s Television Network.

Philhealth benefit for COVID19 patient.

Philhealth will shoulder all expenses of hospitalized patients with COVID19.

What expenses will PhilHealth cover if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

According to an article published at CNN, PhilHealth will cover not only the testing kit to determine if a patient is infected with COVID-19 but also all of their expenses if they are hospitalized or confined as a COVID-19 positive patient.

Unfortunately, if a person is not confined, it will not be shouldered by them. 

List of PhilHealth Benefits that Filipinos and its members can avail:

A coronavirus test kit can cost approximately PHP 8,000 which a patient will take at least three times. One confirms if he or she is positive and two to confirm she has already recovered from the disease before being discharged.

If a patient is quarantined due to the disease, the patient can avail of its PHP 14,000 health package or a PHP 1,000 for each day of isolation.

Should a patient be diagnosed with severe pneumonia cases due to the disease, they can avail the beneficiary package of up to PHP 32,000. 

COVID-19 Outbreak is now a pandemic, according to WHO

COVID-19 is now identified as a pandemic and has infected over 400,000 individuals all over the world. As of writing, the Philippines already has more than 800 confirmed cases and is expected to increase in the coming days. 

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