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How to Apply for DLSU Manila College Scholarship

Good news for graduating high school students, including from public schools, as DLSU University is accepting scholarship applications starting July 1. For interested applicants, see the procedure and requirements below.

To apply for the scholarship program of De La Salle University, applicants will need to go through the following procedure:

  1. Fill out the online application from starting July 1 and pass the admission exam of the university.
  2. Download the required documents checklist form their website which is the following:
    • Printed application form with notarization
    • A 2×2 photo taken in the last three months
    • The vicinity map form with a sketch of the student’s permanent residence to DLSU. Make sure to state all major landmarks and streets and use X to mark their house.
    • Photos of the student’s home including façade of the house and every room of the house.
DLSU scholarship programs

DLSU offers scholarship programs to deserving high school students.

3. Supporting documents including electric bill, water bill, telephone bill, and cellular phone bill (for postpaid plan holders) in the last three months. If the house is owned, the latest official receipt of real tax payment is also needed.

For those whose house is owned but mortgaged, the official receipt of the housing loan amortization in the last three months or certification of monthly rent will be required. If the applicant is residing in an apartment, the official receipt of the rental payment in the last three months should then be submitted.

If the parents of the applicant or other household members are employed, the latest income tax returns and certification of employment with stated compensation will be required. If parents are not employed, a certification of exemption from filing of ITR from the Bureau of Internal Revenue or a certificate of unemployment should be provided.

If any of the documents required is not provided, the application for the scholarship program cannot be processed.

4. It is important that the student photocopies all the required document and attaches it to their application form. Original documents will only be needed for verification of the submitted papers.

5. Place all the requirements in a long brown envelope and write the applicant’s name in Last name, first name, and middle name format in the upper left corner of the envelope.

6. Upon submission of the documents, the student will be provided with a Document Tracking System number so they can check the status of their application from time to time.

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