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5 Amazing but Cheap Places to Visit in Bataan

Whenever our group goes out of town, Bataan is one of our favorite provinces to visit. Not only are most of the accommodations available are affordable but also extraordinarily beautiful. And by beautiful, I mean breathtaking views, amazing nature spots and rich in history. What makes our trip ALWAYS worth it is because it wouldn’t really cost you much to visit the most amazing places in Bataan.

Below are our top 5 amazing places in Bataan that are most beautiful yet very friendly to your pockets:

Bataan Technology Park in Morong Bataan

Bataan Technology Park

Temple in Bataan Technology Park

Bataan Technology Park is home to the historic temples, relics, memorials and shrines of the refugees from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the 1970s. It is 365 hectares big where you can find a miniature of Angkor Wat, Buddhist temple, the memorial shrine of Pope John Paul II, Cambodian temple, among others.

Kanawan Bridge in Morong Bataan

Another beautiful place in Morong is the Kanawan Bridge which is one of the iconic spots the movie “Nakalimutan Ko Ng Kalimutan Ka” by Alex Gonzaga was taken. And just like what the movie says, it takes courage to cross a bridge like it but once you do, it will change your life.

Mt Samat

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The climb to reach the top of Mt Samat is not easy but its all worth it. The view from the top is stunning especially when you get to the top of the cross and see the beauty of Bataan in bird’s eye view. For those who do not have the energy to climb all the way to the top, worry not as you can also bring your car up until the bottom of the cross. From there, you just need to take the elevator to reach the top of the cross.

Wetland and Nature Park

Now if you absolutely love nature, you shouldn’t miss visiting Balanga Nature and Wetland Park. During bird season, you get to see a variety of birds. most of it you don’t normally find in the Philippines, just hanging around the shores of the park!

San Miguel Lighthouse in Sisiman Beach

Last but certainly not least is the San Miguel Lighthouse in Sisiman Beach which showcases a panoramic view of the beach from the top. Yes, it’s also one of the beautiful spots featured in Alex Gonzaga’s movie so you know you won’t be disappointed.


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