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Finally an Art Cafe that Supports Local Artists | Exhibit C in Bataan

When we visited Bataan last year, our team had the pleasure to visit Exhibit C which is one of the few places in the province that actively supports local artists and products.
As you enter the cafe, you will instantly be mesmerized by the many original arts made by different local artist. According to the owner, they are open to feature artworks from local artists for free! All they need to do is visit their shop and talk to them.

Exhibit C Bataan

Exhibit C in Bataan

When we visited the restaurant, original sketches of were featured on the walls and they are incredibly beautiful! When we asked the restaurant owner who the artist is, they said its actually their sister and they are a family of artists. This explains how willing they are to help other local artists like them to get as much exposure as they can give.

Exhibit C Bataan Mac and Cheese

Cheesy Mac and Cheese

As for the food, cheese lovers will be glad to know that they serve a generous amount of cheese in almost every meal! Our favorite is their mac and cheese that’s just served with cheese overload that one of our team finished it before the rest of us can taste it. Yes, its that good!

Exhibit C Bataan interior 2

Cute spots in Exhibit C

Another reason to visit Exhibit C is because of how Instagrammable the place is! Every spot is so well-decorated that its a must to take a selfie on every corner. As you can see in our photos below, the place really is worth the visit!

Exhibit C Bataan Sign

Getting to Exhibit C

When it comes to the price, every dish is priced fairly. Most of it ranges between 120 pesos to 200 pesos which are actually cheap considering how cheesy the dishes are. Yes, we love cheese and we know when a restaurant served a dish with not enough cheese. 🙂
Overall, our visit to Exhibit C was great and we will definitely visit again when we’re in Bataan. We highly recommend local artists to visit the place and inquire about getting featured as the owners are really nice and supportive.

Exhibit C Bataan Artworks

Featuring artworks from local artists at Exhibit C.

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