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WATCH: Every Moment Catriona Gray Made Us Filipinos Proud

Congratulations Catriona Gray for winning the crown for the Philippines! As the whole country is celebrating with you, let us recap all the moments that you made us Filipinos very proud of you!

The no-edit slow mo lava walk

It first started with Catriona Gray’s no-edit slow-mo walk during the swimsuit competition a few days ago.Β  It was executed so perfectly that even local and international celebrities couldn’t help but praise Ms Philippines!

Mak Tumang Preliminary Evening Gown

Next is her sultry walk at the preliminary evening gown competition. It was so sexy that you just can’t take your eyes off her!

National Costume

Only Catriona Gray can bring our huge national costume this year so gracefully!

Her Opening Statement

Her sincere opening statement definitely showed our Ms Philippines is beautiful inside and out!

As she walks in her dazzling red evening gown

The question and answer portion:

Last but not least, the crowning of Ms. Philippines as Miss Universe 2018

Watch the highlights of the pageant in the video below:


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