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Everything You Need to Know About Pawikan Festival in Bataan: Help Save the Pawikan!

Our team recently had the pleasure to experience the Pawikan Festival in Morong, Bataan and not only did it open our eyes about the near extinction of Pawikans but how we, in our own little way, can help save them.

Pawikan Festival in Morong Bataan 2018 dance competition 9

Pawikan Festival 2018

Bataan Pawikan Festival 2018

The Pawikan Festival in Bataan is a 2-day event in Bataan held at the Pawikan Conservation, Barangay Nagbalayong in Morong. This year, it was held last December 1 to 3, 2019 which is the season when Pawikans come back to the shore where they were born and lay hundreds of eggs. So aside from celebrating the festival, everyone will also have the chance to witness as Pawikans come back and as the hatchlings are released.

Pawikan Festival in Morong Bataan 2018 dance competition 1

#SavePawikan photo at the Pawikan Festival 2018

Pawikan Festival 2018 Schedule

December 1

Night Patrol

December 2

5:00 AM – Walk for a Cause

6:00 AM – Thanksgiving Mass

7:00 AM – Program starts

National Anthem

Welcome Remarks

9:00 AM – Provincial Dance Competition

3:00 PM – Regional Dance Competition

4:00 PM – Closing Program

Message from Congresswoman Geraldine Roman and Sara Duterte – Carpio

Ceremonial Releasing of Hatchlings

Awarding of Appreciation to the Partner Agencies

Awarding fo Winners

Sara Duterte Speech Pawikan Festival 2018

Hon. Sara Duterte – Carpio at the Pawikan Festival 2018

Congresswoman Geraldine Roman speech in Pawikan Festival 2018

Congresswoman Geraldine Roman at the Pawikan Festival 2018

Highlights of the Festival

To be able to be a part of such a great cause is more than enough reason for us to come back every year and celebrate the festival. But it is also worth mentioning that everyone who joins the festival will also have the chance to:

  • Join the Chairman and members of Bantay Pawikan Inc. as they patrol at night and look for Pawikans coming back to the shore to lay their eggs.
  • Watch as the locals participate in different art contest which includes body painting, sand art, paddle art, and a painting contest.
  • Shop for local souvenirs at the trade fair or satisfy your food cravings while relaxing at the beach from the nearby food tents.
  • Watch the provincial and regional dance competition.
  • BEST OF ALL: Watch as they release the hatchlings to the sea.

Our Experience in the Bataan Pawikan Festival in Morong Bataan

Pawikan Festival in Morong Bataan 2018 dance competition 8

If this is your first time to join the festival, I recommend getting a 2 night’s stay near the conservation center so you can easily go back and forth to your hotel. On our visit early this month, we enjoyed our stay in Bataan White Corals Beach Resort which is only some minutes away from the center.

The festival will start with the night patrol which is a must-do. Make sure you arrive early so you can rest and be ready for the long walk for the night patrol. This year, the patrol started at approximately 9:00 PM and ended at 12:00 AM so make sure you bring a flashlight, water, fan (when it gets hot and tiring to walk) and wear slippers!

The next day, the festival starts with a Walk for a Cause which is just a 15 to 30 min walk so anyone can join. This will be followed by the dance competitions and art contests. For us, the dance competition are a must-watch so make sure you reserve a good spot so you can watch the whole competition. When you get hungry, don’t worry as the food tents are a few steps away. Head to the sand art contest so you can also watch them as you enjoy your lunch or snack.

And as the day ends, head to the shores to see the ceremonial releasing of hatchlings and the awarding of the winners. Before you leave the festival, don’t forget to buy local souvenirs for your loved ones!

Sara Duterte at Pawikan Festival 2018

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