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The Perfect Gift for Office Girls – WTF Mugs and Notebooks

We recently stumbled upon an online shop called WTfStuffPh and boy did we effin’ love their goodies! Its the perfect gift for your friends, office mates or even yourself, especially when you’ve had enough F*cks in your life.

WTFStuffPh gift ideas

Gift ideas for friends and office mates.

Our favorite are the notebooks that are sold in sets of three for only 450 pesos! That means, you only spent 150 pesos to give a sweary, rude yet sassy gift to your friend!

WTF notebooks from WTFStuffPh

Ideal gifts for friends and millennials.

Aside from the notebook, you should also check out their black and transparent tumblers that are just rudely cute!


For more information, visit their Facebook page at

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