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GOOD NEWS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS: Health Insurance For as Low As P216 a Month

Yes, for as low as 216 pesos, senior citizens from the 50 to 74 years old can avail a premium healthcare plus plan which includes coverage for long-term confinements. This health insurance program is provided by Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation.

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Affordable health insurance for senior citizens

Health Insurance Plan as Low as 216 Pesos a Month

For 216 pesos a month, senior citizens can avail the heal insurance program plan 500 which includes the following:

500 pesos daily cash benefit
This is the allocated amount that you will receive EACH DAY you are hospitalized to help with the daily expenses you incur while confined. It covers 365 days of confinement for each illness, per confinement.

500 pesos daily ICU cash benefit
Besides the daily cash benefit, you will also receive the mentioned amount each day you are confined to the Intensive Care Unit. This also covers 365 days for each illness, per confinement.

10,000 pesos convalescence benefit
This benefit gives you additional financial assistance when you are confined for 30 days or more. This is given on top of the daily cash benefits given.

10,000 maximum surgical benefit
Should you be required to undergo surgery, this cash benefit will be given to help with the expenses as you recover from the surgery. This lump sum is paid every covered surgery under your plan.

For those who can afford higher plans, you will be able to avail the following benefits

Plan 1000 for only 432 pesos a month

  • 1,000 pesos daily cash benefit
  • 1,000 pesos daily ICU cash benefit
  • 20,000 convalescence benefit
  • 20,000 maximum surgical benefit

Plan 2000 for only 865 pesos a month
2,000 pesos daily cash benefit
2,000 pesos daily ICU cash benefit
40,000 convalescence benefit
40,000 maximum surgical benefit

Plan 3000 for only 1,298 pesos a month

  • 3,000 pesos daily cash benefit
  • 3,000 pesos daily ICU cash benefit
  • 60,000 convalescence benefit
  • 60,000 maximum surgical benefit

Plan 4000 for only 1,730 pesos a month

  • 4,000 pesos daily cash benefit
  • 4,000 pesos daily ICU cash benefit
  • 80,000 convalescence benefit
  • 80,000 maximum surgical benefit

Unlike Other Health Insurance Program

Compared to other health insurance program, this plan covers not just hospitalization in the Philippines but also abroad. All cash benefits will be directly paid for you and you are assured that your policy will not be canceled. On top of that, there are no medical exams or any health questions to be able to avail the health program. Best of all, the coverage begins as soon as the first premium is paid!

For more information, visit
Landline: (02) 810-1008
Fax: (02) 772-9264
Mobile: GLOBE: 0917 558 39 69, 0917 539 69 87, SMART: 0998 842 19 57

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