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The Happy Mango Craze – Why Pinoys Just Can’t Get Enough of It!

Did you happen to visit the mall lately and saw several shoppers with a cup of ice cream with lots of Mango ice cream? Or did you happen to pass by a dessert stall with a very long line called Happy Mango? This is exactly what our team witnessed these past few weeks so we got really curious what is all the craze about Happy Mango.

Best ice cream dessert in Manila

A cup of extreme with leche flan dessert from Happy Mango

Last week, our team went to Happy Mango to try their Mango ice cream desserts and we were surprised to find a long line in their stall at 11:00 AM in the morning. We thought it was only because the stall just opened so we decided to come back later in the afternoon where hopefully the line has lessened. We got back at 1:00 PM and the line just got longer!

Happy Mango dessert cups

Dessert cups from Happy Mango

So we finally got each of the dessert cup variants from Happy Mango which includes Classic, Overload with Oreo and Extreme with Leche Flan. The first thing you will notice is that the cup really has a generous amount of Mangoes at the bottom and at the top. In between, their crew added a lot of crushed Graham for Classic, crushed Oreo for the other and a two big chunk of Leche Flan in the third cup.

Happy Mango desserts

Happy Mango in Robinsons Metroeast

So we all took our first spoon of Happy Mango’s dessert cup and it’s like eating your favorite Mango flavored cake, a Mango ice cream, topped with sweet milk and sweet Graham crackers all in one spoon. Now we know why so many are going crazy over their mango dessert! The best flavor for us is the Extreme with Leche Flan because the flavor of the flan blends so well with the ice cream dessert! It made it much creamier and sweeter.

Happy Mango Menu

How much is a cup of Happy Mango

The best thing about Happy Mango’s dessert cups is that none of it go over 100 pesos! You can order it in a small size at 75 pesos which are already good for sharing or the large cup for as low as 89 pesos.

Happy Mango dessert stall

Robinsons Metroeast branch of Happy Mango

As of posting, Happy Mango has several branches and pop up stores in the following areas:

Robinsons Metro East (Until December 2)
Glorietta Activity Center
Fisher Mall
Marquee Mall Pampanga
Up Technohub (November 23, November 26 to 30)
Robinsons Antipolo (November 23 to Janaury 15)
Robinsons Las Pinas (November 23 to November 30)

For more information or inquiries, visit their official page at


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