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Top Korean Buffet Restaurants with Unlimited Samgyeopsal

One of the popular buffet styles in today’s time is Korean Buffets. If you’ve never tried one before, it’s usually a buffet of raw meat (chicken, beef and pork) that you can grill yourself, and an assortment of Korean food and side dishes. So in this article, we’re not only going to share the best Korean buffet restaurant in Manila but also the most affordable!

Pearl Chee Express Buffet at Marikina

An eat all you can buffet at this restaurant starts at 250 pesos and you get an unlimited pork meat to grill with an additional 125 Pesos. If you are a beef lover, you can opt for their unlimited beef meat too for only 470 Pesos.

Pearl Chee Express is located at E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center, A. Bonifacio Avenue, in Marikina city. For inquiries and reservation, you can call at 02 955 6154 or 09175691457.

Sodam Korean Restaurant in San Juan City

Now, this restaurant is not only recommended by 940 people (according to Facebook) but also adored for the Korean ambiance of the restaurant. You can enjoy a buffet lunch here for only 329 Pesos and dinner for 379 Pesos including unlimited beef and pork during weekdays. For weekends, lunch and dinner cost 399 Pesos.

Sodam Korean Restaurant is located at 17 J. Abad Santos Drive, Little Baguio, San Juan city. For inquiries and reservations, you can reach them at 02 2469069 ext 658.

Donu Pork and Beef Grill

One of the reasons why many Korean food lovers go to this restaurant is because it is not always as packed and noisy as other Korean restaurants are. You don’t have to wait too long to find a seat and the meat are almost always served right away. A buffet in Donu costs 350 pesos for unlimited pork and an additional 100 pesos if you want unlimited beef too. Oh, and did I mention Melona ice cream only costs 35 pesos?!

Donu Prok and Beef Grill are located at 39 Annapolis Street, Greenhills. You can reach them at 02 8976878. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 10:30 pm

Hanayo Korean Restaurant in Sampaloc

Next on our list is Hanayo Korean Restaurant that serves fresh Kimchi, cucumber, fishcake, egg roll, fresh garlic, lettuce, onion, and even chapchae noodles with unlimited pork for only 299 Pesos. If you want it with beef, you can have it for only 399 Pesos. of course, they also have the Pinoy favorite unlimited rice!

Hanayo Korean Restaurant is located at 945 Galleria Suites P. Noval or 1214 Antinio St Dapitan in Sampaloc Manila. For inquiries, call or text 0923 7402197.

New Radimi Korean Restaurant in Mabini

At the heart of Malate, there is the New Radimi Korean Restaurant that offers unlimited Korean buffet for only 299 Pesos during happy hours (12 midnight to 12 noon) Yes, this is probably the only Korean restaurant that serves buffet 24 hours a day! During regular hours, you can try the buffet for 350 Pesos and it includes samgyeopsal, side dishes, vegetables, rice, Kimchi fried rice, and even Bibimbap!!

New Radimi is located at 2015 Mabini Street and can be reached at 0927 8948655.

Samgyupsalamat at Unlicity

be sure to have a ready your tummy when you try Samgyupsalamat at Unlicity as it is loved by many food lovers for its Korean buffet service. Unlike other Korean restaurants, you can also get unlimited food from other restaurants including beer, wine, coffee, dessert, sushi and yakitori, all for only 799 pesos for lunch and 999 pesos for dinner. However, if you wish to dine in Samgyupsalamat restaurant only, the price of the buffet is 399 pesos for lunch and 499 for dinner.

This buffet service is only available at the 3F of Century City mall in Makati. For inquiries or reservations, call 0927 5899696.

Lee Hak Korean Restaurant in Mandaluyong

Last but not the least is Lee Hak Buffet where a buffet service starts at 199 Pesos although it doesn’t include the BBQ buffet yet. The regular buffet costs 359 Pesos for lunch service and dinner for 399 Pesos.

For inquiries, you can contact them at 975 1886, 0926 656 3411 and 0939 227 7074. The restaurant has more than one branch but this one is at Greenfield District Pavillion in Mandaluyong city.

Is your favorite Korean buffet restaurant not in the list? Submit it below: (Please submit all information requested for the restaurant to be added in the list)








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