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How to Get a Free Coffee Everyday at Figaro Coffee Branches

If there’s one thing our team can never get enough of – its really good coffee, especially when its given for FREE! Yes, you can get a free coffee everyday at any Figaro branch by just being a Figaro Coffee Club member.

Be a Figaro Coffee Club LIFETIME member for only 150 Pesos!

Figaro Coffee Club Membership

Figaro Coffee Club card

Yes, that’s right. You only need to pay 150 pesos to be a lifetime member of Figaro Coffee Club. This mean, you don’t have to pay for a yearly membership to continue enjoying the perks of a member. Now, to be able to avail the 150 Pesos membership fee, you will need to do a one time minimum purchase of 500 pesos worth of food and drinks.

Figaro Coffee Meeting ROom

Figaro Coffee Batangas City Branch

After that, you’re good to go and ready to enjoy your free cup of coffee everyday at any branch of Figaro coffee in Philippines.

How to Claim the FREE coffee everyday at Figaro

Figaro Coffee food and Americano

BLT sandwich at Figaro Coffee

A FCC cardholder is entitled to three privileges as of posting:

  • You are entitled to get 10% discount on any regular priced food and beverage in any Figaro coffee branch
  • You are entitled to get a 5% discount on any regular priced merchandise item in any Figaro coffee branch. Note: The Barako coffee mugs are super cute!
  • Last but certainly not the least is the free 8 oz coffee on your second purchase each day.

How does the FREE coffee privilege work:

The best time to avail this promo is when you are dining with friends or plan to drink more than one coffee in one day. If dining in with friends, order any food and/or beverage worth 200 pesos to avail the 10% discount. Next, purchase again any food and/or beverage worth 200 pesos and you get a free 8 oz cup of brewed coffee OR a 50% off on any coffee drink if you prefer a different caffeine drink.

Now go get your Figaro Coffee Club lifetime membership now!

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