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The 7 Best Shopping Places in Singapore for Budgetarians and Cheaparians

Singapore is one of the favorite out of the country destination of Filipinos, not just because of their popular tourist attraction but also because of their huge shopping areas. And to add more to that list, we have compiled 7 of shopping spots in Singapore that are not only big but also offer huge discounts on branded items and imported goods. So without further ado, here are our top 7 affordable shopping places for branded items in Singapore:


Unbeknownst to many, there is a shop in Singapore called “ValuDollar” that sells many imported goods for as low as $1 SGD. This includes imported chocolates like Butterfinger, Cadbury, snacks like Pringles and biscuits! The good thing about this store is that they have so many branches all around Singapore so you are likely to find one near your hotel. For the complete list of stores and address, visit this link 


Next on our list is myCK which is known for selling beauty essentials and household items at a much cheaper price. Don’t worry as all their items are legit including Pokka, DOwny, Bioderma and many more.


If there’s one thing I love about IMM is how tourist friendly their mall is. First, you can ride a shuttle to get to the mall from the station so you don’t need to walk. Second, most of our favorite imported brands have an outlet branch in their store so expect good discounts. Last but not the least, is the freebies the tourist can get by just going around the mall and getting stamps!

My favorite brand in IMM is Cotton On where I got several messenger bags, wallet and some baby socks for only $1 SGD! You just need to take your time and really search the store for good deals.

Changi City Point

Now if you’re looking for a good place to shop that’s close to the airport, you shouldn’t miss Changi City Point which is walking distance from EXPO station. Its much like IMM, its filled with many discount and outlet stores. You need to visit every shop and check their merchandise to find really good deals. The best deal I got from this mall is a $3 SGD Ipanema pink sandals!


If you are looking for souvenirs or pasalubong for your loved ones back home, Chinatown is the best place to shop. Almost all the shops here sell their souvenirs at a much lower price compared to other areas. And since you’re in Chinatown, don’t forget to haggle especially when buying in bulk because they do give a pretty generous discount.


If your vacation in Singapore is very packed and you probably will not have time to shop during the day, don’t worry because they have a 24-hour mall in Singapore for shoppers on a budget. The shops here have a good mix of imported brands and local shops so you will see a lot of things in this mall.


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・ ガチャガチャを求めるなら!ブギスストリートでしょ。 ・ とにかく長屋にコレデモカ!!ってくらいにお店が入っている感じです。食べ物からお土産、洋服、電化製品・・・しかも、なんでか激安?どんな仕入れしてるのか不思議(爆) あまりに混雑しているのでメインの通りだけで終わってしまいがち。でも、ちょっと細い道もトライすると意外に面白い。 ・ ちなみに上の階もあるのですが、小さな店が多くかつ入り組んでいるので危うく迷子になるところでした😅 ・ まだ、カラフルな色のジュースには手を出せません。 お腹くださないタイプなんだけどね😗 ・ #ブギスストリート #シンガポール #初めてのシンガポール #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール生活 #singapore #lovesg #singaporelife #singaporediaries #bugisstreet #bugismarket #bugissingapore

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Last but not the least is shopping at Bugis. This is probably the most popular area to shop for local goods. Whenever we shop at Bugis, we always stop by to get a drink at the cheap fruit juice stalls and eat authentic and cheap Singaporean dish at the hawker stations.


If you are thinking of buying a gadget, don’t hesitate to buy it while in Singapore. Just buy from any legit store you find and get your discount at the airport because the tax you paid will be returned to you! Of course, this discount or return money is only applicable to tourists.

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