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The Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila Buffet: Everything You Need to Know

Our team had the chance to try Hyatt City of Dreams Manila The Cafe dinner buffet and we absolutely enjoyed it! Its the perfect buffet place for seafood lovers because they serve huge shrimps or more commonly known as “suahe” in the Philippines and crabs that are refilled constantly *wink*wink*

The Cafe Buffet Restaurant

Just like most hotel buffets, The Cafe has several stations in their buffet and it includes a salad, dessert, pasta, meat, Asian, Japanese, drinks (with beer of course), the seafood station and more. If this isn’t the first time you’ve read a review from our team then you know how much we love buffet and we will not review one if its not worth a visit. 🙂

Cheese Pizza in The Cafe

Some of the things we love about The Cafe is how fast they refill the seafood station. So regardless of how much each person get from the station, they refill it quickly so everyone can eat as much seafood as they like. You have the option to eat it cold or call one of their servers and ask them to have your seafood cooked in almost any way you like. One of our favorite shrimp dishes is having it sliced open and cooked with butter, garlic, and cheese but unfortunately, they cannot slice the shrimp for us (at least that’s what our server told us)

Giant prawns served at The Cafe Buffet Restaurant

Seafood served in The Cafe

For the pasta and pizza section, you have the option to have your dish served with truffle oil so don’t forget to ask for it. The cold cuts section served a generous proportion of salami which is a good plus. For the drinks section, our team enjoyed the local and imported brands they serve and you can try it too as long as you are 18 years old and above. For the desserts section, their halo halo is our favorite!

How much is the buffet at The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

As of today, a lunch buffet in The Cafe from Monday to Sunday costs 1,638 pesos and a dinner buffet from Sunday to Thursday for 2,088 pesos. The dinner buffet for weekends (Friday to Saturday) costs 2,538 pesos while a Sunday brunch costs 2,000 pesos.

Cafe buffet restaurant

Lunch service starts at 12 noon to 3 PM while Sunday brunch starts at 11:30 AM to 3 PM. Dinner service starts at 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM

How to get discounts in The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

So far, we know two ways to get good discounts at this buffet restaurant. First is via the Eatigo app that you have to download to use. They offer as much as 50% discount provided that you arrive on time. Another way is via BDO’s promo that is valid until August 2018. Just use your BDO credit card and you instantly get 40% off.


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