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Taiwan Just Made It Easier for Pinoys to Get a Tourist Visa

Filipinos no longer need to worry about getting their visa approved in Taiwan because they have just extended the visa-free initiative for Philippine passport holders. In addition, they no longer require Pinoys to get an E-visa as long as they meet a few and simple requirements.

Taiwan Visa-Free Initiative is Extended and Made Easier to Qualify!

The visa-free initiative for Filipinos started last November 1, 2017, until July 31, 2018. This new policy allows us to visit Taiwan by just acquiring an E-visa or a Travel Authorization Certificate before traveling the country. But as of today, the embassy of Taiwan has announced in their website that this policy has been extended until July 31, 2019, and made easier!

Simple Qualifications to Visit Taiwan without a Visa

Filipinos are no longer required to secure any type of visa when visiting Taiwan. All they need to do purchase their roundtrip tickets, make sure the duration of the visit is within 14 days and meets the following qualifications:

1. Tourist must be an ordinary or regular passport holder (Diplomatic and Official passport holders are not eligible)
2. Proof of accommodation or sponsor contact information or tour, travel, event, visit, and meeting.
3. Filled up “Arrival card” that is usually provided on your way to Taiwan via plane.
4. As mentioned earlier, roundtrip tickets from the Philippines to Taiwan.
5. A valid Philippine passport for at least 6 months.

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Possible Reasons a Person will be Denied of Entry in Taiwan

The requirements to enter in Taiwan are very simple, however, there are situations where a person can be denied entry. This is very unlikely but some of the possible causes include a criminal record, overstayed in Taiwan, could not show sufficient funds to support the vacation in Taiwan.

Things to Remember:

1. Don’t forget to print your roundtrip tickets to and from Taiwan, hotel reservation, and your travel itinerary just to be sure.
2. If you purchased any attraction tickets in advance, have them ready on hand too.
3. If you recently renewed your passport, it helps to bring your old passport so they can also see your travel history.

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