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How to Claim Your Senior Citizen’s ID in the Philippines

As soon as you reach 60 years old in the Philippines, you will be able to enjoy all the privileges and benefits of a Senior Citizen. This includes big discounts, freebies and so much more. So in this article, we’re going to help you go through the process of how to claim your Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines.

Requirements to Claim a Senior’s Citizen ID in the Philippines:

There are just three requirements to claim your Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines. This includes a birth certificate, a 1×1 colored photo (must be latest) and a valid ID. You may only claim your Senior Citizen ID as soon as you reach 60 years old and not a day shorter.

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Where to Get Senior CItizen ID

As soon as you have completed all the requirements needed, you can go to the Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affair to apply for an ID.

How to Claim Your Senior Citizen ID?

Once you reach the office, just submit all your requirements, fill up the card and sign the ID. As soon as this is completed, you should be able to receive your ID on the same day. Usually, you will need to have this laminated yourself but I’m not sure if it is still the same today.

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Benefits of  Being a Senior Citizen ID Holder

Being a senior citizen has many perks. This includes free parking, educational assistance and even exemption from number codings in Makati city. It is just important to always have your card with you all the time. If you don’t have it, you can still claim your discount and privileges if you have a valid ID with you.

In situations when you are unable to avail the discount personally, you can have someone do it for you as long as they have your ID with them. This includes getting discounts to buy medicine, buying food, and discounts to your utility bill.

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