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Backpacking Philippines: How to Find the Right Accommodation

When it’s your first time backpacking in the Philippines, finding the right accommodation is easy as long as you know exactly where to look. Most hotels, motels or inns offer their rooms at the same price and if you grab the first great deal you find, you might miss the better ones, if only you took the time to search. So in this article, we’re going to help you find the right accommodation at the right price and place.

Backpacking Philippines: Where to Go

The ultimate guide to backpacking in the Philippines to experience food, the people, and places.

Where to Find Backpacker’s Inn or Hostel in the Philippines?

If it’s your first time in the Philippines, I strongly recommend choosing a backpacker’s inn or hostel in Airbnb. In this way, you get to see pictures, reviews and have the assurance of AirBnB before paying for your accommodation. Prices usually range from 500 to 700 pesos which are already expensive in the Philippines. However, since it’s your first time, don’t risk too much to save 200 to 400 pesos.

If this isn’t your first time and already know how to get around the city, feel free to explore new hostels or inns not listed in Agoda. Most of the time they are cheaper but some might give you an overpriced room if they see you are a tourist. The best way to try new hostels is to book a couple of days in a hostel through Airbnb and as you tour the city, ask around if they can recommend a cheaper and better hostel than the one you booked. When you find one, book your next days in the new hostel.

Where to Find Cheap Hotels in the Philippines?

Renting your own room isn’t too expensive either in the Philippines. If you book early and know where to look, you should find a room for 350 to 1,000 pesos a night. However, 350 pesos rooms only give you 12 hours access but that should be enough time to sleep and groom yourself for the day. If you prefer 24 hours access, there are private rooms you can rent for 500 pesos and up. Aside from Agoda, you can find one too in the following multiple branch motels/hotels inns in different cities:

There are also simpler hostels all around the country which gives cheaper rates and many of them are not found in Agoda. However, trying them is a risk because with cheaper rates equals no good service so be careful.

Backpacking Philippines: Accommodation Tips and Tricks

  1. It is always cheaper and better to travel by group. Not only is the accommodation cheaper but also safer since you guys can split the bill for a private room.
  2. Always read the reviews of the place before booking. If you can’t find one on Google, check their Facebook page.
  3. If you’re staying for more than a week, it wouldn’t hurt to send the place a message and ask if they give a weekly stay discount.
  4. Always choose the ones located in the city center, particularly if this is your first time. In this way, its easier to find transportation and find food when you get hungry at night.

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