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Backpacking Philippines: Best Way to Get Around Philippines

When backpacking in the Philippines, getting around every city and province has a different mode of transportation. So in this article, we’re going to introduce the different ways to commute in the country and which to choose for every journey.

Commuting to Get Around Manila

Probably the most confusing place to commute in the country is in Manila. There are so many options including jeep, taxi, ride-hailing apps like Grab and its competition, tricycles, and busses. If this is your first time in Manila and will be traveling from the airport to your hotel, choose the ride-hailing apps. As of today, you can book using the following apps:

  • Grab
  • Hype
  • Hirna

Once you dropped all your bags and ready to tour the city, you can ride the following to go around the city:

  • LRT/MRT (train)
  • Bus
  • Tricycle
  • Jeep
  • Taxi
  • Ride-hailing app

If this is your first time in the country, choose the ride-hailing app. Not only will they drop you exactly where you want to go but also conserve your cash because you can pay online. Sometimes, the fare can get expensive due to traffic or peak hours so opt to choose the sharing option and save a portion of the expense. In this method, you will be sharing the car with 1 or 2 other passengers going in the same direction as you are.

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Commuting to Get Around Different Provinces of the Philippines

Aside from plane, the best way to get around one province to another is by bus or by private car. If you are traveling alone or with a friend, choose the bus as its cheaper. If you are with 3 friends or more, rent a car with a driver. Not only is it cheaper but faster too. Renting a private car in the Philippines that will bring you from one place to another costs 1,500 pesos to 4,000 pesos depending on how far you will go.

But if you really want to save money, why not rent a car in the Philippines. Price ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 per 24 hours use. As long as you have a valid driver’s license in your country and is written in English, you are allowed to drive in the Philippines.

To find cars to rent with or without driver, visit the following sites:

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Backpacking Philippines: Getting Around the City Tips and Tricks

  • When renting a car, choose to rent from a private owner. They are usually cheaper and nicer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions to Filipinos. They are always ready to help.
  • The best person to ask when you’re lost is the security guards you see in malls or in every private establishment. Most of the time they know the best route to go from one place to another.
  • Always have bills in smaller denominations ready. Fare prices start at 8 pesos to less than a hundred. Most of the times, the drivers don’t have change for big bills.
  • When walking in the streets, wear your backpack in front of you and keep your gadgets in your bags. If you need to take a picture, make it quick and be cautious.

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