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The Alley by Vikings Buffet Review: The Perfect Buffet Place for Food Park Lovers

Our team recently went to The Alley by Vikings buffet to celebrate a birthday of a team member and boy were we delightfully surprised! It looks like the place is designed like an outdoor food park, complete with a bus where you can eat inside, and lots of drinking choices!


They offer many alcoholic drinks, a variety of coffee choices and even teas! Of course, they also have juice drinks to satisfy our sweet tooth. But what really amazed us is that they also offered almost every Pinoy street food you can think of. This includes kwek-kwek, fishballs, dirty ice cream, taho and even a roaming server shouting the signature “balut” chant in the streets.

And just like every food park, they have a burger and fries store, seafood, pasta and pizza, steaks, Japanese, Filipino, Bibingka and our all-time favorite desserts! Some of their must-try dishes are the Lasagna and Truffle Pasta, Twister Fries cooked fresh, and their imported beers that are not normally seen in most restaurants in the country. Also, there are two kinds of coffee offered in the place, one is made by a machine and the other made fresh so make sure you get one that’s fresh!


Their ice cream is also served with liquid nitrogen ice if you go the dessert station rather than the dirty ice cream cart. If you want to get a discount when you dine in, visit during your birth month and you don’t need to pay for your food if you bring three full paying adult. Or dine in with the whole barkada or relatives and get bulk discount.

Best time to visit the place is during weekdays where there are not many people, get there by 5:30 PM so you can enjoy the food until 10:00 PM! And don’t forget to reserve your seat online so you will be one of the first to get in once the restaurant is open.


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