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A Filipino’s Guide to Winter Vacations: What to Wear, Bring and Prepare

When you’re going on a winter vacation abroad, it is important to be very prepared. Especially if you’re on a budget, it helps a lot that you bring everything you need from the Philippines than having to buy it abroad where its almost always more expensive. So without further ado, here is the complete guide what you need to bring, wear and prepare for a winter vacation abroad.

Winter Vacation Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to Bring on a Winter Vacation

What to Bring in a Winter Vacation Abroad?

If you will be visiting a country with snow, it is crucial that you bring ear muffs, thick socks, winter gloves, scarf, face winter mask and winter hats like a bonnet. If you will be doing some winter sports, you should bring heavy duty winter gloves to ensure comfort.

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If you will be visiting a very cold country where the temperature reaches single digits, you should also bring a lip balm and lotion. When our team went on a vacation in Japan for 14 days, our lips were starting to dry at day 5. Lotion and facial moisturizer help the skin stay soft all throughout your vacation so make sure you apply it every day.

What to Wear during Winter?

There are two ways for you to dress up during a winter vacation. One is to invest in a good winter jacket and the other is to layer up to keep you warm. Both ways has its advantages and disadvantages so we’re going to discuss that below.

Investing in a Good Winter Jacket

When you invest in a good winter jacket, you usually just need that jacket to keep you warm all throughout the day. And since it usually comes with a hoodie, pockets to keep your hands warm and to keep all your important belongings. If the temperature is not below zero, you probably don’t need to wear thermal clothes. The only disadvantage of this option is that once you get in public areas or restaurants, they keep it really warm inside that it gets too hot for you to keep your jacket on. But once you take your jacket off, it feels a bit cold that you want something light to warm you up.

Layering Up for Winter

When you layer up for winter, this means you’re wearing a thin sando or a long sleeve top under a t-shirt. Then a winter jacket as your outermost layer. So when it gets too hot, you can just remove your jacket but still feel warm with your 2 layer clothes. However, you will need to bring a separate bonnet and gloves without a handy pocket to keep it when not in used.

Our Advice

Do them both. Buy a good winter jacket and bring clothes that you can use for layering. On days where you will be visiting theme parks, trying winter sports, wear the first option. On days where you will just be walking, touring places or shopping, choose the layering option.

What is Thermal Wears

Thermal Wears are thin clothing that is made specifically to warm you up during the cold season. Although it is very thin, it will keep you very warm when exposed to cold air. Thermal wears are available in long sleeves, short sleeves, sando, and even socks.

Winter Boots

Now if you will simply tour during winter vacation, you can wear any type of boots you like. But if you will be trying some winter sports or will be arriving during heavy winter days, invest in good winter boots. We suggest boots from The North Face or Columbia so quality and comfort is not compromised.

Unbeknownst to many, heavy winter days abroad equals to iced streets where even cars slip uncontrollably.

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What to Prepare for Winter Vacations Abroad

Winter vacations is a great experience Filipinos must-try at least once in their lives. The idea of finally being able to hold and play with snow has always been a dream for many of us so don’t hesitate to spend here and buy everything you need rather than have to pay for it at a higher price abroad.

So when you’re going abroad, don’t forget to make a checklist of everything you need to bring, and always choose over price. Lastly, don’t forget to take lots of pictures as remembrance of your fun-filled winter vacation!

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