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The Most Insgrammable Gelato Shop in Bataan: Stregato Gelateria

Stregato Gelateria is the prettiest gelato shop in the city of Bataan! It is inspired by the cutest ice cream shops in Italy and features flavorful gelato in different flavors so its a dream come true restaurant for every girl in the Philippines. And since it is just a 3-hour drive from Manila, its definitely a shop worth visiting.

As you enter Stregato Gelateria, you will instantly notice the hundreds of flowers decorated all around the restaurant, together with the enchanting indoor swing, the cute ice cream chairs, the angel fountain, and a mysterious door that reminds us a lot of Alice in Wonderland. And did we mention they also have a love lock corner where you can place your locks as a symbol of your unbreakable feeling with your loved one!

As for the Gelato, it is the perfect dessert to finish your date. We tried the chocolate flavor and it is oozing with Chocolate syrup. I believe they offer more than 10 flavors in their shop and just like most Gelato shop, you can try different flavors for free before deciding which ice cream to eat.

And before you leave the shop, don’t forget to take as many selfies as you like, especially in the pretty swing while eating your choice of ice cream.

For more information, you can visit Stregato Gelateria’s official Facebook page at The gelato shop is located at Saint Joseph Street, Barangay Poblacion, Balanga Bataan. Its pretty easy to spot the shop as it has 4 huge ice creams in front of it.

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