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A Must-Try Food Park in Balanga Bataan: Bataan Food Park

What sets the Bataan Food Park apart from all the food parks in Manila is its support to local food stalls. Many of the food stalls in the park originated in Bataan so tourists can also get a taste of what Bataan food has to offer. Aside from that, they also offer variety in their stores so they also feature Korean dessert, Hotpot shabu-shabu, and their most popular and affordable food Bagnet!

When our team visited the food park, we were able to taste the most popular dishes served by every stall and some of our favorite includes twister fries, fish and fries, Korean ice cream, paninis from Plato Wraps and of course the Bagnet! Did I mention they also serve alcoholic drinks in the park with pica-pica food like nuts, salted egg chips, dates, cherry, Pistachios, cashew nuts, and probably any other nut you can think of!

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The prices of their food range from below 100 for those on a budget and up for those who are willing to spend for good food. They also have open mics every week so those who have a talent for singing are encouraged to join. Actually, this year (2018), they are actually hosting a singing competition where anyone can join!

Bataan Food Park is open from Mondays to Sundays from afternoon until the wee hours of the night. It is located in Tenejero, Capitol Drive, Balanga, Bataan 2100 and can be reached by calling (04761) 22230. For more information and list of food stalls in the park, visit their official Facebook page at

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