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The Food Project : A Must-Try Restaurant in Orion, Bataan

When we visited Bataan early April 2018, one of our favorite restaurants is The Food Project in Orion, Bataan. Not only is the place very Instagrammable but also very yummy and affordable! Their menu is massive and not one of it costs more than 100 pesos or $2! Plus, the owners are very hands-on with their business so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get to meet them when you try the restaurant.






This includes rice meals, steaks, appetizers good for 3 or more, and even milkshakes! According to the owner, their bestsellers include Carbonara, Nachos, Salisbury steak and their chocolate milkshakes. But if you ask me, I personally love their French Fries dish because for less than a hundred bucks, its got so many toppings!!!

We also have a meat-lover in our team and he is very picky when it comes to eating processed food and he said Food Project’s steaks are really good and not just bought from a grocery store. This was also discussed to us by the owners, they said everything in their menu is made from scratch especially the Salisbury steak and other meats.

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For desserts, we enjoyed eating fried Oreos (that cost 60 pesos more or less) and the all-time favorite Smores! And for it’s below 100 price, I’m telling you its taste is legit.






The good news is the place doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks so you can bring your kids with you until the wee hours of the night. Overall, its a must-try restaurant wherever you are staying in Bataan since there is not much traffic around Bataan.

Watch our feature video of The Food Project in Orion, Bataan on YouTube:



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