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Kapampangan Seafood Buffet Restaurant in Pilar Bataan – Ima Flora’s Pamangan

One of the reasons why our team instantly fell in love with Ima Flora’s Kapampangan buffet restaurant is the authentic Kapampangan dishes they serve. Top that with the nicest servers, the famous Ima Flora’s leche flan and the most humble owners who are always there to greet you as you enter the place, is there anything you can ask for?

When our team headed to Bataan, our first stop was at Ima Flora’s Pamangan. It’s not really hard to find because the restaurant has a big poster outside the restaurant with a list of all the food you can try when you dine in.



As you enter the restaurant, immediately you will get a homey vibe inside, full of locals and tourists like us. Servers will instantly smile at you and assist you to your seat. The buffet is only 200 pesos which normally includes tahong, alimasag, and the popular Adobong balut. Although the leche flan is not a part of the buffet, we recommend you taste it because it’s really one of their specialties.

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Ima Flora's Pamangan owner

A photo of the owner of Ima Flora’s Pamangan

We had the chance to speak to the owner briefly and she explains what had made their restaurant flourish after all these years. She says when they cook a dish, they would cook it as if they are cooking it for their family because that is what Ima Flora’s Pamangan is all about. Giving their customers a taste of homemade cooking just like what their mother used to do for them.

Watch our feature video of Ima Flora’s Pamangan below and see all the dishes they serve on regular days:


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