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Celebrating Day of Valor in Bataan – Why You Should Go There Every Year

Our team was able to experience the celebration of Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor in Bataan and it’s something that locals and tourists shouldn’t miss when in Philippines. The almost month-long celebration happens every year during the month of March to April. The city organizes different events so every person of any age will be able to find an activity he or she can participate in.

This includes a local trade fair for all the well-known products of Bataan, a fun run, watching drum and lyre performance by elementary students, joining the leaders of the city watch the foot parade and military exhibition and best of all, celebrating the Day of Valor with the veteran soldiers.

One of our favorite moments in our vacation is being able to interact with the people who were there during the era when Japanese soldiers conquered the Philippines. They shared their most painful memories at the same time told us the bravest stories that Filipino soldiers, guerillas, and even regular citizens did just to support and help each other.

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It was also a delight to see how approachable and nice the leaders of Bataan are including the Governor, Congresswoman, Mayor and all other officials who are always visible in every event. Citizens who want to take a photo with them or just simply chat with them can approach them and say hi. This is definitely something I have never experience in my 32 years in the country so I will definitely go back to Bataan every year for this occasion.

The highlight of the event was the announcement of the major improvements the government is planning in Mt Samat. This includes a cable car, view decks, garden courtyards, botanical garden, campsites, chapel, hiking and mountain biking trails and so much more! Once it is all done, it will be a huge 73-hectare national park!

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