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12 Cheap Shopping Places in Hong Kong and Must-Go Shops

One of the favorite things to do of every Filipino when in Hong Kong is to shop. With all the designer brands and good finds in Ladies Market you have already seen, you would think you already know every good shopping place in Hong Kong right? Let’s see if you’ve visited all the best shopping places in Hong Kong.

Esprit Outlet Store in Mongkok

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Esprit outlet ที่ Mongkok

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First on our list is the outlet stores and bargain shops in Mong Kok. Most Filipinos who visit Hong Kong usually stay in Kowloon and TST area which are good places to shop but not if you’re looking for the big sales or promotion. If you stay in Mong Kok or explore Mong Kok for one whole day, you will see everything sold in TST is in MK but at a much lower price.

Our most favorite is the Esprit outlet store that sells over 1,000 pesos t-shirts in the Philippines for only 150 pesos there and sometimes lower, 5,000 pesos watch for only 1,800 pesos, and 3,000 pesos bags for only 600 pesos only in that particular store in Mong Kok.

Other Stores in Mong Kok

Other stores in Mong Kok include Forever 21, Cotton On, Skechers. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not like the ones seen in Ladies Market. These are actually official stores of the brand that are selling authentic goods that usually have a corner where everything is on sale.

Wellcome Supermarket


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When going around Hong Kong, one of the most common grocery store you will find is Wellcome Supermarket. Although they look like ordinary grocery stores, they sell many local Hong Kong goods that are a bit pricey in the Philippines. This includes the ever-popular Nissin Ramen Seafood flavor cup noodles, Hong Kong Milk tea, 1 liter Yakult drinks, Calbee snacks, and so much more!

Our favorite branch is the one beside IKEA as its one of their biggest store so the choices are countless. Whenever we visit the branch, we always buy loads of fried fish skin that’s only sold for 10 to 12 HKD per pack.

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50 HKD Fashion stores all Over Mong Kok

When you explore the streets of Mong Kok from Argyle Street to Fa Yuen Street (Sneaker street), you will pass by different fashion stores that sell everything for 50 HKD that features many high quality cute Asian dresses and tops! These are the kind of clothes that your favorite KPOP stars wear so its really, really cute!

Temple Street

If you’re looking for something like the Ladies Market, make sure to drop by at Temple street. Its much like Ladies Market but cheaper, bigger and offers so much more choices. Plus should you go hungry, there is plenty of cheap street food around to satisfy your food craving.

Hidden Shops at the CityGate

One of the favorite stops when looking for outlet stores in Hong Kong is CityGate. But did you know that it also has a new wing on level 10? It features more imported brands that sell their products at a very big discount. The brands you can find on level 10 include Lacoste, Skechers, Crocs, Clarks, Coach Ecco and a lot more.

Our favorite store is the Skechers corner that sells shoe styles with broken sizes with 50% discount and sometimes even more. We also like the grocery store in the basement as it offers a wide range of instant noodles that we, Filipinos, forever love! Each instant noodle has a corresponding discount when bought in 2s or 4s.

On Sale Stores in Sneaker Street

Now when in Sneaker street, take the time to explore each and every store you pass by. Several stores have an On Sale corner that sells branded items at a fraction of its original price. Especially if you’re shopping for bigger sizes (either shoes or clothes), those are almost always on sale. Some of the best buys we got there were a 100HKD Converse sandals that are sold for almost 3,000 pesos in the Philippines.

HINT: These are not the official stores of Nike and Adidas but they are all selling authentic goods so don’t worry. We will be back in Hong Kong this October so we will be able to provide more photos.

Best Mart 360 (degrees)

If you’re craving for some chocolates and candies, Best Mart 360 is our place to go to in Hong Kong. The prices are not cheap but the selections are good, including sweets from Japan and other unique finds. Our favorite candy, which is a must taste if you’re heading to HK, is the mochi candies and the liquor chocolates (chocolates with oozing imported liquor inside). This store has so many branches around Hong Kong so just check Google where is the nearest branch to your hotel.

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The Great Sale every August

Just like in the Philippines where almost every store goes on sale every December, that happens every August in Hong Kong. Gadgets are the best thing to buy during this month as prices really go down. Just imagine how low a gadget’s price can go when normal prices in Hong Kong is already cheaper compared in the Philippines.

Sham Shui Po

Now if you’re looking for second-hand gadgets, you can find a big place for that in Sham Shui Po. Almost the whole street is filled with second-hand stores and almost everything is sold at a good price. Another great reason to stop by at SSP is the many Michelin recommended street food around the area that you can try while shopping.

In one of Drew Arellano’s BND Hong Kong special, he also showed you can easily find second hand gshocks in the area.

Dry Market in Fa Yuen Street Market

One of the favorite fruits we always buy in Hong Kong and bring home in the Philippines are fresh cherries. If you love the preserved cherries in jars, you’re going to crave for the fresh cherries. One of the places where you can buy it at a good price is in Fa Yuen Street Market. It’s like Divisoria but its much cleaner and safer. Here you’re going to see many vendors selling different fruits and it’s up to you if you want to try other new fruits.

12 HKD Store

Just like in Japan, Hong Kong also has their own 12 HKD store called Living Plaza. According to, there is one big shop you can visit in Mong Kok located at 3/F Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road. This store sells arts and crafts, to hammer and plies, so its a good place for anyone to check out.

Do you know other shops/places in Hong Kong that should be added to this list? Send us a message!

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