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Jeep Car Accessories You Need to Have

One of the advantages of owning your very own Jeep car is being able to customize it into anything you like. And two of its most important accessories is a custom molded floor carpet and off-road tires. So in this article, we’re going to discuss what makes each accessory important to every Jeep.


Super Swamper Tires for Sale

What’s the point of having a Jeep if you can’t accessorize it with off-road tires? And what other brand could be better than Super Swamper Tires. At the moment, Super Swamper line features Super Swamper M16 (in 24 sizes), the Super Swamper Radial (42 sizes), and the Narrow Super Swamper (3 sizes). It works well in trails but it also moves smoothly in pavements.

With these tires, you can go up to 35 miles per hour but without the noise. It also has low rolling resistance and six tread piles so the ride will always be comfortable regardless of the bumps and shakes you encounter on the road.

Jeep Carpet Alternatives

Customizing the carpet of your Jeep is also essential. Since carpets of every Jeep eventually wear out, you will need to find a new one that does not only have excellent quality but is also great for outdoors. This includes carpets from Auto Custom Carpet, BedRug, and Rugged Ridge. Each carpet comes in a kit that’s already form-fitted that only requires some trims and sprays on carpet glue. Using these quality carpets will make your Jeep’s interior more attractive but also protect the floor from dents, cuts and even abrasions.

Although nothing lasts forever, new carpets have better quality and made from a modern synthetic material. This makes it very resistant to wear, waterproof and resistant to damages caused by UV rays or the sun.┬áJust make sure you choose the carpet kit custom-made to your Jeep’s model as each kit may have different dimension depending on the model.

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