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Custom Car Covers! Best Protection for Your Non-Op Vehicle

Whether you’re temporarily garaging a vehicle that needs minor repairs or seek protective options for putting a non-working vehicle in long-term storage, you shouldn’t rely only on your indoor or outdoor storage methods to keep your vehicle protected and its paint job in good condition. Think of custom-fit car covers as extra barriers between your automobiles’ finishes and hazards such as weather damage, UV radiation, nicks and scratches. As you shop, keep in mind some best practices to help you pick the right solutions for your vehicle.


Options for Garaged Vehicles

If you’re able to store your automobile indoors, your primary concerns are warding off dust and physical damage to the paint job. Dustop is one great all-around performer, crafted from a lightweight ultrasonically bonded four-layer material that screens out fine particles and cushions your vehicle’s exterior from cosmetic damage. With personalized measurements for each make and model of vehicle, this cover is an ideal choice for storing cars, trucks, SUVs, vehicles with convertible tops and more.

Outdoor Car Storage Covers

When purchasing a customized car cover for outdoor use, you will need to factor in your area’s typical weather patterns. Some examples of materials that offer UV protection, water resistance and other benefits include:

  • Superweave, a versatile fabric that resists UV rays, water and weather-related impacts while being gentle on your vehicle’s finish
  • Noah, a breathable material that’s highly resistant to water while allowing moisture underneath to evaporate
  • Stormweave, an extremely water-resistant variety that blocks 99 percent of UV rays and prevents dents, dings, scratches and more

Protect and Care for Your Vehicle

Since 1989, California Car Company has been a top provider of premium car care products for collectors, muscle car enthusiasts, luxury car owners and everyday drivers. Visit the company’s website to check out its selection of high-quality interior and exterior accessories, cleaning supplies, top-rated car covers and more.




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