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How to Claim the 6k Yearly Pension for Senior Citizens

Last year, DSWD was reported to give a 500 pesos a month or 6,000 pesos a year pension to senior citizens in the Philippines. The program was called Social Pension Program for Indigent Senior Citizens or SPISC and has a total of17.9 billion pesos fund to use. However, not all senior citizens are properly informed who is eligible to receive it and how to claim it.

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Who are Eligible to Receive the 6k a Year Pension?

To qualify to the program, a person must be 60 years old or above and is not receiving any pension from the government or any private institution. The person must also have no regular income and is not receiving any form of support from their families. Senior citizens who are receiving Social Security System or SSS and Government Service Insurance System or GSIS is not eligible as well.

DSWD says therse are the people who are in “extremely difficult circumstances”.Ito yung hindi lang may edad na, may sakit pa o kapansanan, walang trabaho, walang maykayang kamag-anak na kumukupkop at walang ibang pensyong natatanggap.

Although the program was reported to have started last year, it seems many citizens are saying that they have not received their pensions still. Netizens have also expressed their dismay why the program doesn’t include all senior citizens in the country.

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How to Claim Your 6k Yearly Pension?

To be able to receive your 6k a year pension, you must head to the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) or Office of the Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA) and submit the following requirements:

  • Senior Citizens ID
  • A certificate of indigency from CSWDO (This will be issued upon presenting a Barangay Certificate of Residency and Assessment Report from CSWDO field office)

For those who haven’t claimed their Senior Citizens Identification card yet, you just need to present your birth certificate, a valid ID and a 1×1 picture to register.

Once registered, the social workers will evaluate your case and forward it to DSWD regional office for validation. Once qualified, DSWD will notify them when and how they can receive their pension.

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  1. Ang tatay ko walang nkukuha denied ..saan po ba napupunta ang pera para sa mga senior citizen ano po ba ang basehan nyo para madenied ang isang applicante..wala pong trabaho ang tatay ko..d na nakakakita ang isa nyang mata..

  2. My wife once wanted to buy some antibiotics in one particular Drugstore in Ayala Cebu for her “probable” flu (or viral infection) but she was asked to show doctor’s prescription for it to obtain a Senior’s discount,which meant she had to see a doctor for it! Fair enough you might say,but to see a doctor would cost a lot,lot more than the discount she could obtain for being a Senior citizen! So she just paid the undiscounted price – and saved a lot of money from not seeing a doctor! Talk about Senior discounts!

    • P.S. to above:Seems to me that these “Senior” discounts for medicine is nothing but a “help” to doctors so they can get patients!

  3. ganuon talaga ngayun mga Halos nasa Gobyerno parang impyerno,basta PERA pinag usapan ,naku PAHIRAPAN kumuha ng pension sa DSWD/SENIOR CITIZEN,..pero ang mga andyaan naka upo na kahit ilang MILYON,.isang idlap lang ,parang bula

  4. Bakit po ang asawa ng kuya ko ay hindi n’yo naaprubahan
    N’yo lang pala ang inyong binibigyan naghihikahos sa buhay
    Sila ilang beses na lumapit deny palagi. Sa Castellejos Zambales
    Po sila

    Maraming salamat po

  5. Nang kumuha ako ng senior citizen ID last month, tinanong ko dswd paano maka-avail ng yearly pension (or P500/mo) ang isang tulad ko. Sagot ng employee, wala na raw ganun at saka sabi disqualified ako, kahit wala cia alam sa buhay ko. Makinis lng balat disqualified na kahit walang income. Criteria ba ito? Stupid employee.

  6. Lola ko po 64 pero wala nakukuha kasi kulang pa daw sa age…totoo po ba? Pero nag pa register na sya bilang senior citizen

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