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Angel’s Kitchen Greenhills Review

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So LaLP team was in Greenhills yesterday and we decided to dine in at Angel’s Kitchen. This restaurant in Greenhills was very nice, clean and with server’s that serve with smiling faces. We absolutely loved the food as most of their dishes as they served every dish with a twist. We particularly loved their Pinakbet rice and a pasta served with pork and mango bits! Yes, the pasta had mango bits and its not just any mango… It’s a GREEN MANGO and it’s really good!


For me, if you can make a dish with ingredients that don’t usually go together and make it taste really good, then you definitely deserve a 5-star rating. Another reason why we liked Angel’s Kitchen is that the owner took the time to talk to her guests and entertain us. As guests, it makes us feel special and appreciate what she does for us. And because of that small gesture, I would recommend it to people looking for a new restaurant in Greenhills.

Although the cost of each dish is not pocket-friendly, the place is filled with a lot of diners. Many of their guests are dressed simply, gives us the impression that they live very near and just left the house to eat. With so many restaurants around, you know Angel’s Kitchen serves really good dishes when many choose to dine there.

However, I do have a few rants about the place. It’s no big deal actually as we really enjoyed our stay. It’s just that in today’s time and age – every restaurant must provide a wifi for their guest, especially if your place does not have good mobile signal reception. Although the team has their own mobile internet, Angel’s Kitchen is one of those places that didn’t have a mobile signal when inside it. We were seated at the most inside part of the restaurant so we didn’t get LTE connection and the place has no wifi.

But it’s not really all that bad because we get to bond as a team and there were lots of electrical sockets around to charge and the attentiveness of the servers made up for all their disadvantages. So overall, we weren’t disappointed with our visit to Angel’s Kitchen and enjoyed every dish we ordered.

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