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Redfox Wizbook ARC Z8110C Review

I bought my Redfox Wizbook ARC Z8110C last November and so far its good. Some of the things I really like about it are the following:

  • Long battery life – I think it can last for up to 8 hours
  • Lightweight and handy- One of the reasons I bought a netbook is because my laptop is too big and this one really makes up for it.
  • Girly color – I saw its light green and pink version and its both lovely!
  • Fast-charging – Not only does it charge fast but I can also leave it overnight because it automatically stops charging when its full.
  • Convertible to tablet – Just flip the keyboard and you can easily use it as a tablet.

Redfox Wizbook ARC Z8110C

The only things I didn’t like about it are the following:

  • Screen blacks out every once in a while – When this happens, I press the right-click button of the mouse and it turns on again. But press any other button after that and it blacks out again. I’m not sure if I received a defective unit or if its a glitch in all Wizbook ARCs. I just don’t have the time to visit their shop to check. However, if you experience this one too, just press the power button once and wait for it to open. If that doesn’t work, restart the PC and that will surely do it.
  • Limited memory – Although it can be expanded, my problem is with the Windows update. Can it use the memory card’s space when updating?
  • Doesn’t connect easily to public networks – I had to manually create a network profile to be able to connect to some public wifi.

Price: 15,995 but you have the option to pay for it in 1 year installment (with interest). I bought mine at Redfox branch in SM North Edsa and they said it comes with 1 year warranty if I’m not mistaken.


The Redfox Wizbook ARC Z8110C for me is definitely worth it. I am a virtual assistant so I mainly use my laptop for work. However, when I go on vacation or out in a coffee shop, my laptop is too big and heavy for me so I decided to get a netbook to bring with me everywhere. My work mainly needs me to open a web Skype, 4 to 5 browsers in Chrome at a time and remote desktop. I can open them all at the same time but its performance gets slower.

Redfox Wizbook ARC Z8110C

So what I do is finish all my tasks in Chrome then close it before I open my remote desktop. If you’ll be using this for school or simple browsing/streaming, this netbook will be good for you. Anything more than that, this netbook may be too slow for you.


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