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Top 20 Tourist Destination in the Philippines: Mountains and Hiking

The Philippines is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also for its tall mountains that are ideal for hiking, biking or even camping. There are more than a hundred mountains in the Philippines, some are easy to conquer while others take a while, but once you reach the top – you will always be rewarded with the most beautiful views that you can only find in the Philippines.

So in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 20 tourist destination in the Philippines with mountains that tourist can visit, hike, bike or even camp in. In no particular order, here are 20 mountains you can conquer in the Philippines:

Mount Maculot

Just a few hours away from Manila, you can reach Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. It is 947 meters tall that can be climbed by experienced and novice hikers. However, make sure you have a guide to assist you through the trail because there are parts where you need to do mountain climbing.

It usually takes 3 hours to climb it and at the top, you will be rewarded with the beautiful view of Taal Lake.

Mount Banahaw

Mount Banahaw is one of the most popular mountains not only because it is easy to climb but also for the many magical stories people have experienced in the mountain. Many believes the mountain is enchanted with paranormal creatures like ghosts, fairies and mystical creatures.

However, during holy week, the mountain is considered a holy mountain and is visited by many Catholics. It takes 5 to 9 hours to reach the top of the mountain, depending on the trail taken. It is located between Quezon and Laguna province and is the tallest mountain in the region of CALABARZON.

Mount Daguldol

Another mountain situated in Batangas is Mount Daguldol. It is only 672 meters high so it can be conquered in roughly 3 hours. One reason why the mountain is popular among mountaineers is its numerous waterfalls and streams you can stop by on your way to the top.

To get to the mountain, just ride a bus heading to Lipa, Batangas and hire a jeepney that goes to Hugom, San Juan.

Mount Pulag

Located far in the north in Benguet, Ifugao is Mount Pulag. It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines and is known for its bed of clouds that you can only see when you reach its peak at dawn.

The good news is the top of the mountain can be reached in just three hours so its ideal for both beginners and advanced climbers. And since the mountain is located in Ifugao, the trail to the top will be really cold so don’t forget to bring a jacket.

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Mount Pinatubo

Next on the list is Mount Pinatubo which is so huge that it is situated in three provinces in the Philippines, Tarlac, Zambales and Pampanga. At the top, you will see an incredible view of clear blue water and white sands.

You can reach it by trekking or by 4×4 ride, if you have a little more budget.It used to be 1745 meters high but is now 1486 meters high after the summit was destroyed.

Mount Kanlaon

Also known as Kanla-on or Canlaon, this active stratovolcano is lcoated in the island of Negros. It is the highest volcano in Visayas at 2465 meters high which you can conquer in roughly 5 to 6 hours. Reaching the top is not really easy so its not ideal for beginners.

Aside from a beautiful scenery at the top, the mountain is also the home of hot springs, small forests and natural gardens that you will encounter on your way to the top.

Mount Dulang Dulang

Mount Dulang-dulang is said to be the highest elevation peak in the mountain range of Kitanglad. It is located in Mindanao and is also the highest mountain in the Philippines. It is also considered a holy place by the Talaandig tribe.

On your way to the top, you could meet a variety of wild animals as it is the home of 58 mammal species including the Philippine Eagle.

Mount Mariveles

If you want to see the highest point of Bataan, Mount Mariveles is the place to be. Once you survived the 2 to 3 hour hike, you will be rewarded with a view of the beaches in Bataan, South China Sea, Mount Pico de Loro, Manila Bay, Corregidor Islands and even Manila.

To reach this mountain, just take a bus that heads to Mariveles, Bataan. Don’t forget to bring a jacket as it can get windy on the way up.

Mount Pico de Loro

Just south of Manila is Mount Pico de Loro that is known for its 50 feet tall single pillar near its summit. The best thing about it is you can reach it whether you are a beginner or an expert.

At the top of the pillar, you can enjoy the most amazing view of the waters of Batangas and the neighboring mountains.

Mount Apo

Mount Apo is the highest peak in the country and has three summits and Lake Venado that is known for its crystal clear water. The way up is not at all easy as it includes mossy forests, steep trails, and huge rock boulders but once you reach the top, the view will be very rewarding.

Mount Kitanglad Range

Unlike other high mountains in the country, Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon is made up of different large mountains. It is known for its sweet pineapples, wild life that includes more than 70 avian species and the Philippine monkey-eating eagle.

Reaching its summit is a bit challenging and takes about 5 hours but the trail to the top is also filled with different species of plants and adorable orchids.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is the smallest active volcano in the whole world and is known for the picturesque lake surrounding the volcano.It only takes 45 minutes to reach the summit which is easy compared to other mountains.

However, you will need to hire a boat to reach the lake from Talisay but you will not need a guide to reach the top.

Mount Mayon

In the province of Bicol you can climb Mount Mayon which is famous for its perfect cone shape. It takes 2 to 3 days to reach its summit but the view from the top is just awesome. To get to Mount Mayon, you just need to take a bus ride or plane ride heading to Legazpi city.

Mount Kabunian

Named after Kankana-eys, one of the most powerful deity in mythology, is Mount Kabunian. Many believes the mountain is holy so as you walk its trails, you will find wooden coffins hanging in the walls of the summit. And once you reached its top after 3 to 4 hours of climbing, you will see a panoramic view of clouds.

Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling in Laguna is an inactive volcano that is named after a mythical guardian, Maria Makiling. If you look at the mountain from afar, you should see an outline of a woman which inspired popular stories today, including one written by Philippine’s national hero.

A guide is not necessary to reach its top and it will only take 4 to 5 hours either by food or by bike.

Mount Tibig

Another mountain in Batangas is Mount Tibig. The way up is not at all easy but scenic view makes up for it. It only takes two hours to reach the top which is best reached just in time for sunset.

Just be careful as you climb the mountain as it is also known for its dangerous paths. You can opt to stay in the camp overnight which is right at the summit, however, it can only accommodate just a few tents so get there early to get the best spot.

Mount Gulugod Baboy

Mount Gulugud Baboy literally means a pig’s spine as mountaineers will almost always meet a pig when they climb it. It is located in Anilao, Batangas and can be a side trip for tourists heading to the province for scuba diving.

Reaching the top of the mountain takes about 2 hours with resting spots where you can stop to relax and enjoy a drink for a fee.

Mount Balagbag

Another mountain that mountaineers and bikers can conquer is Mount Balagbag in Rizal. Reaching the top is relatively easy and only takes an hour so anyone can reach the top every day. You also have the option to stay for the night as their campsite can accommodate up to 20 tents.

Mount Talamitam

Now in Nasugbu, Batangas, you can climb Mount Talamitam. The hike only takes less than 2 hours and can be conquered even by beginners. The trail up is divided into two, one is mostly forest while the other is grasslands.

Mount Manalmon

Last but definitely not the least is Mount Manalmon in Bulacan. It is only 196 meters above sea level and is easy to climb even for beginners. The mountain is also the home of a cave, Monkey bridge, rivers and bamboo trees.

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