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8 Lucky Fruits and Food to Eat During New Year

It has been a tradition for most Filipino families to serve food with circular shapes on New Year’s Eve. This is because these gastronomic delights are believed to bring luck and success for the coming new year to the family. So in this article, we’re going to share the 8 fruits that is believed to bring good luck in the next year.

Mini oranges or Kumquat

Mandarin Orange

The mini oranges or Kumquat symbolizes the sun that is aligned with the positive energy brought by yang which means happiness and abundance. The great thing about it is that its one of the easiest and cheapest you can find in the grocery or market.

Some Chinese families like to place these oranges in a red envelope beside their kid’s pillows for good fortune. Some also like to place it in a rice container to invite good blessings to the family.



Whether its a yellow or green Pomelo, this fruit is believed to bring good luck to everyone in your house and is a symbol of a united family. Finding Pomelos are not that hard either but can be expensive depending on its size. Cheapest place to get this fruit is in Binondo where you can bargain for 3 pieces for 100 pesos.

Although one Pomelo is enough, some families prefer to have two as “all good things come in twos”



Another expensive fruit that many still serve on New Year’s eve is grapes. It symbolizes wealth, good luck, gold, fortune, prosperity and even fertility so its price is very worth it. And since it symbolizes many good things, its also an ideal gift for your loved ones, relatives and friends.

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Pancit or Noodles


As many may already know, long noodles symbolize a long life so its a must eat for every Filipino on New Year’s Eve. You can serve it fried or boiled and uncut in a plate with your favorite broth.

Spring Rolls or Lumpia

Spring rolls and lumpia

Serving and eating Spring rolls during New Year’s Eve is believed to be lucky as it looks like gold bars. It can be filled with anything sweet like banana, vegetables or meat but must be fried to get its traditional golden color.


Cooked fish

There is a common Chinese lucky saying “nián nián yǒu yú” which means may you have more than you need in the coming year. The “Yu” from the saying means “excess” which sounds very similar to fish in Chinese words. And this is where the eating fish during New Year’s eve became a tradition not only in Chinese but also Filipino families.

Glutinous Rice or Kakanin

Suman or sticky rice

Glutinous rice symbolizes better income, higher position, or an overall improvement in life when you eat it on New Year’s Eve. Although this practice originated with Chinese’ glutinous rice made of sugar, sticky rice and dates, Filipinos have made their own version of kakanin.



Dumplings are also a must eat on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that the more dumplings you eat during the celebration, the more money you will make in the coming year. Any dumpling recipe would do but it is preferred that it is shaped like boats and not bars or rounded.

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