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Cheap Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas: Starts at 100 Pesos

Christmas is almost here so it’s time to find gifts again for the people we love the most. But instead of visiting malls or Divisoria where you are exposed to traffic, long lines, and the sun’s heat, why not shop via Lazada. What we love about Lazada online shopping is you can pay COD or cash on delivery and shipping is absolutely free!

So in this article, we have compiled the most unique and ideal gifts you can give to the people you love and you don’t need to go anywhere to get it. This includes:

Gifts for Men

Let’ start with gifts for men like your dad, boyfriend, brother or Kuya, uncle, boss or basically anyone who is a male. Whether its a gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, or on Father’s day, these gifts are sure to please them. The best thing about it is all the gifts featured starts at 100 pesos!

Wallet Ninja

Ninja Wallet for sale in Lazada

Have you heard of the Wallet Ninja? Its an 18 in one tool in the size of a credit card. Its only 100 pesos in Lazada and it includes an eyeglass screwdriver, CM Ruler, Inch Ruler, 3 screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener, 6 Hex, box opener, letter opener, cell phone stand, and even a peeler. If you haven’t seen this one before, watch the video below:

Slim Clip

Slim Clip as seen on TV

Next on the list is the Slim Clip which addresses the men’s common problem, thick wallets. It can fit 30 bills and up to 6 plastic cards without being bulgy. It Studies show that men who sits with a thick wallet on their back pocket will likely have back problem. It’s sold for only 145.12 pesos in Lazada.

Security Credit Card Wallet

Lock wallet as seen on tv

Another type of wallet that’s an ideal gift for men is the Lock Wallet. It’s not only compact but also has an RFID blocking wallet feature. With today’s technology, some hackers can steal your credit card information without seeing it, all they need is to scan your bag and they have everything they need to steal from you.

This one is only sold for 170 pesos in Lazada and can hold up to 36 plastic cards plus cash.

5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix as seen on tv

Now the 5 Second Fix is another great gift for men that’s sold for only 231 pesos in Lazada. It’s a super-powered type of adhesive that almost permanently repairs plastic, metal, wood and even glass. The best thing about it is that it glues any item in as fast as 5 seconds.

Catch Caddy

Catch Caddy as Seen on TV

Now if the person you’re giving to owns a car, you can get them the Catch Caddy. It’s like an extra pocket for any car that at the same time serves as a seat pocket catcher before it drops under the driver’s and passenger’s seat. Its sold for only 157.98 pesos in Lazada.

Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter as Seen on TV

Next is the Clever Cutter which is an ideal gift not just for men who love to cook but for beginners as well. It is designed to make cutting so much easier. Whether its vegetables, meat and even corn, the Clever Cutter can instantly cut it all. It’s sold for only 150 pesos in Lazada and comes with a 3-month local manufacturer warranty.

Strutz Cushioned Arch Support

Strutz as seen on tv

For men who are always on their foot or needs to walk and stand all day long, the Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports will be a great gift for them. Its a type of cushion that gives comfort to the heel, making everyday work easier. It’s sold for only 196 pesos in Lazada.

Power Floss

Power Floss as seen on TV

Next on the list is the Portable Power Dental Floss Water Jet for only 190 pesos in Lazada. It has an Air Infusion Technology so it removes all food residue stuck in between anyone’s teeth. Just insert water or mouthwash in the unit and floss away!

Fat Magnet

Fat Magnet as seen on TV

If the person you want to give to is on a diet or needs to be, the Fat Magnet might be the solution for him. By just keeping the magnet in the freezer before use, it will remove fat, cholesterol and lessen calories in any food instantly. It’s sold for only 299 pesos in Lazada.

Pill Pro Organizer

Pill Pro as seen on tv

As people age, taking medicines as a health maintenance is inevitable. So if the recipient of your gift already has maintenance to take, why not give him the Pill Pro Organizer. It is designed to prevent anyone from missing his medicines and make sure they take the right medicines every time. It’s sold for only 199 pesos in Lazada.





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