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Megaworld to Generate 250,000 New Jobs in Pampanga

Megaworld Corporation will be generating up to 250,000 new jobs in Pampanga for their upcoming investment in the city. The new project will be called Capital Town Pampanga and is said to be the North’s first integrated urban township.

The central business district will be built in the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga and will be the venue where Capampangan can showcase their talents. And since the government has already been planning to develop the city of Pampanga, Megaworld’s project will be a great start.

According to Megaworld Pampanga’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Eugene Em Lozano, the project was first introduced six months ago and now he is confident of its success. Soon the government will also improve the mode of transportation and Clark International Airport so it wouldn’t be surprising when Pampanga becomes the next business district in the country.

The new project has a 10-year development plan that includes not only commercial spaces but also residential, retail, office, and institutional components. It has a measurement of 36.5 hectares and will feature unique attractions such as Rainwater Park, museum, mall, a central square and so much more.

But what really sets this Megaworld project apart from the rest is its neoclassical architecture that showcases art deco details just like Europe’s beautiful cities. It will also honor the Capampangan heroes by building tribute statues and will showcase native trees similar to the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Land development of the project has already started and is now getting ready to launch the other features of the town.



  1. Hi! It’s my first time in this blog and I’m so glad merong blogger na ang main niche is to spread good vibes about this country. Nakakatuwa. πŸ™‚ Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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