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12 Free TESDA Courses | Mga Libreng Kurso sa TESDA

As of today, TESDA is offering 12 free courses that absolutely any Filipino can take anytime and anywhere. These courses are a part of TESDA’s online program that aims to make education more accessible to everyone. Whether you are a student or out-of-school youth, employed or unemployed, single or married, and even local or overseas.


All you need is a PC or laptop, internet connection and you are good to go. Below is a list of the 12 TESDA courses you can take today:


Fruit Grower

One of the in-demand jobs overseas is farmer positions so taking up this course will help you learn the basics of planting, monitoring and harvesting fruits. Countries that are looking for farmers include Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and a lot more.


Battery Servicing and Diesel Engine Tuneup

Now if you love or own a car, taking up the automotive course will be very useful for you. The two courses teach you how to competently service, to replace, remove, charge, test batteries and how to tune up the diesel engine. In Qatar, an automotive center can already earn approximately 35,000 pesos a month – far from the usual rate they can get in the country.

Electrical and Electronics

Solar Night Light Assembly

Solar lights are one of the most useful mechanisms invented in today’s time. It allows anyone to enjoy a light source without the need to use electricity. This will not only make our electricity bill lower but also environment-friendly. So in this course, you will learn everything from scratch. And as the course ends, you should be able to assemble, test and even troubleshoot solar night lamps.

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STAR Online Training Program and Managing Your Personal Finance

When you’re too tired of living the life of an employee, maybe it’s about time to consider starting your own business. However, entrepreneurship is not as easy as it looks so taking up TESDA’s STAR training program will be very helpful. From starting a business to proper branding, creating techniques up to setting up a physical store, everything will be discussed in the course.

Now if you have no plans of starting your business but want to save up for your future, you can also take the Managing Your Personal Finances course. It covers informative lessons to help you make good financial decisions and how to improve your spending habits.

Human Health Care

Massage Therapy NC II

In this course, you can learn three different massage techniques namely Swedish, shiatsu and Thai. This course is very useful whether you are learning for a work opportunity abroad or just for the sake of learning. Even moms can learn this course so they can effectively help relax their husband or tired offspring after a long day at work.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

Package Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Another in-demand job overseas are building maintenance or repairman. And one of the most common mechanisms that regularly needs cleaning and repair are the air conditioning units. So if you have plans going abroad or simply want to learn how to properly take care or repair ACs, this is the course for you.

Information and Communication Technology

ITs today earn as much as 100,000 in the Philippines. Imagine, just how much higher it can get when you decide to work abroad. Fortunately, TESDA included a number of IT courses in their online program so anyone interested can study right away. And since the course is a self-paced education system, you can take the course even when you already have a full-time job.

The courses offered under this ICT includes Animation (3D Digital), Basic Computer Operation, SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners, SMART Technopreneurship 101, Web Development using HTML 5 and CSS3. Under the Microsoft Online Course, you can study Game Development, C# Fundamentals for Beginners, and Sofware Development Fundamentals.

They also featured Google’s Udacity Courses where you can learn Android Development for Beginners and UX Design for Mobile Developers. And for those with advanced skills, consider taking up Android 4.0 and Programming in Java.

Lifelong Learning Skills

Job Interview Skills Training Course and How to Build Confidence in Your Abilities

If you are unemployed or just want a better job, learning how to ace your job interview and look confident is absolutely crucial to your success. Fortunately, TESDA offers two very helpful courses that will aid you as you hunt for a new job.


Ship’s Catering NC III

In this course, you will learn how to properly prepare a nutritional meal and supervising a ship’s galley area. This will be very beneficial for those who are already working in ships especially in the food industry. All you need is to bring your laptop with you and you can learn during your free time, whether in the Philippines or overseas.

Social, Community Development, and Other Services

Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II

Now learning nail care isn’t only useful for those who are working in the beauty industry. This is also a good course for those who own a nail salon or planning to start one. In order for you to understand the needs and wants of your customer, it is essential that you know how to properly do the job and do not just rely on your employees.


Bread and Pastry, Production NC II, Cookery NC II, Food and Beverages Services, Housekeeping

If cooking is your passion but doesn’t have the budget to study in the prestigious schools in the country, this course may be the one for you. TESDA offers a variety of culinary courses including baking, production, cookery and even food and beverage services. So these courses will be useful for carinderia and catering business owners.

For those who want to work in the hotel business, good news as TESDA is also offering a free housekeeping course.

Trainers Methodology

Now if you wish to be a trainer or already one and want to learn new skills, TESDA’s Trainers Methodology provides a number of courses that will help you be a better leader in your department. From preparing lessons, evaluating and making decisions, you will be guided how to do it efficiently.

Get Started

All these courses are 100% free and anyone can enroll by just registering on TESDA’s website. A certificate of completion will only be given after the student takes a face to face assessment in any accredited assessment centers. For more information, please email


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