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Winter Essentials | What to Pack For Your Winter Vacation

When going on a winter vacation, it is crucial that you know how to dress for winter weather properly. Not only to look fashionable but to actually have the essentials that will keep you comfortably warm. So in this article, we will feature everything you need to have when going abroad for a winter vacation and where to find them.

So without further ado, here is a checklist of all the things you need to bring with you:

  • Bonnet or Cap
  • Scarf
  • Face Mask
  • Ear Muff
  • Thermal Wear (Top and Bottom)
  • Winter Jacket
  • Winter Gloves
  • Thermal Socks
  • Winter Boots

All of the items above can be found here in the Philippines. If you want to see our list of shops where you can buy them, check out these links:

Where to Buy Winter Clothes in Manila
Where to Find Earmuffs, Scarf, Bonnet and Facemask
Where to Buy Thermal Clothes in Manila
Where to Find Winter Gloves, Fingerless, Lace, Leather
Where to Buy Winter Boots in Manila

Other Winter Essentials:

Lip Balm

When you’re staying in a place with actual snow, it can get really cold that it dries your lips. Its good to have lip balms handy to keep your lips moist.


Aside from lips, your skin can get dry too due to the very cold weather. This is why it is strongly advised to put on lotion every day to keep your skin healthy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bring snowman props if you want to build a snowman. When we last visited Japan, we improvised the props using clay (for the orange nose, black eyes, and mouth) rather than bringing actual carrots
  • Use a camera that can withstand the cold weather. Mobile phones tend to freeze when in really cold places so we don’t recommend using it to take pictures.
  • If you have to bring your mobile phone, put it in a resealable bag so it doesn’t get wet.
  • Bring a small bag or a backpack. When it’s your first time in the snow, you want your hands to feel it and play with it. So having a bag isn’t really helpful. You can either use a neck wallet or a belt bag.
  • Bring bubbles. Depending on the temperature, bubbles instantly freeze as you blow them out which is really cool to see.
  • Wear good quality winter boots. Sometimes it gets really slippery and wet so you should wear good winter boots to keep you steady.
  • Wear thermal socks. It gets really cold during the peak winter season so thermal socks will greatly help in keeping you warm.


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