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Where to Find and Buy Winter Accessories in Philippines

When going on a winter vacation, it is also important to bring earmuffs, scarf, and bonnet with you. Especially when you’re going to visit snowy areas where temperatures can drop below zero. So in this article, we’re going to share the best places where you can shop for winter accessories.

Where to Buy Winter Gloves and Earmuffs

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First on the list are the gloves but we’ve already covered that in this article.  Next in the list are earmuffs which really help when going to a place where snow is actually falling. The cheapest place to find earmuffs are in Daiso for only 88 pesos. Our favorite branch is in Trinoma inside True Value as its really big so you have plenty of choices. Next is in SM Surplus which should be more accessible since it almost has a branch in every SM Mall.

Occasionally, department stores like SM and Landmark also sell earmuffs but you have to find it yourself. I think their sales ladies are not familiar with it so they couldn’t point me to the right department where to find it. Fortunately, I love window shopping so I really look at all 4 corners of the store so I found it myself.

For those who have more budget, you can also look at Uniqlo, Lazada, Terranova, Marks and Spencer, and Forever 21. Usually, they start selling winter accessories as early as September. If the price isn’t an issue my favorite is Marks and Spencer for its quality and high-class design.

Where to Buy Scarf and Bonnet for Winter

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Scarfs and bonnet are another winter essential that you must bring when you’re going abroad in December to February. Regardless if there is snow or not, as long as it’s not a tropical country, a scarf and a bonnet will keep your neck and head warm. And since Filipinos love wearing scarves and bonnet, it’s really easy to find one in almost any mall.

But if you’re looking for cheap ones, nothing beats Baguio for quality and price. You can also check Fashion Rack for Victoria Secret merchandise, including hugely discounted scarves. For bonnets, Uniqlo and Terranova have some cool designs. Oh and I almost forgot, Greenhills shopping center has some of the cutest and cheap winter essentials too.

Where to Buy Face Mask in Philippines

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Aside from its medical purpose, there is another reason why people wear a face mask during the cold season. Its to shield the cold air from drying your lips, particularly if you don’t have a scarf to do that. So for that reason, you can bring medical face mask with you on your winter vacation. In fact, many asians use medical mask so you won’t feel out of place.

Now if you want to be a bit more fashionable, opt for the ones made of cloth. Cheap but cute ones are found in Daiso, Divisoria, Lazada, and Quiapo Church. If you have more budget, visit Terranova during BER months for more unique designs.

Now if you need winter face mask to use for extreme sports, always go to The North Face and Columbia. Prices are not very friendly but they last for years and will really keep you warm. You can also try checking Lagalag which is a local brand for dangerous sports.

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