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Where to Find and Buy Winter Accessories in Manila

When going abroad to enjoy the winter season, it is important to have proper winter gloves with you. But since we are living in a tropical country, finding one is not really easy. So in this guide, we’re going to share some of the best places that sell different kinds of winter gloves you can use in your vacation abroad.

There are many kinds of winter gloves you can choose from. There are the leather gloves, lace gloves, fingerless gloves, winter gloves, knitted and ones for extreme sports. Although they all serve the same purpose, they look different from one another and usually comes with a special feature.

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Winter Gloves for Sale Philippines

black winter gloves

The most common winter gloves people use can be bought from SM Surplus, Uniqlo and if you’re on a budget – Baguio. In terms of quality, Uniqlo is the best choice among the three. If the price is important, go for Baguio made gloves as the choices are endless and designs are usually for unisex.

If you shop online, Lazada is also a good place to shop as they offer a wide variety of winter gloves. Just double check the sizes to make sure your hand is not too small or big for the gloves you bought.

Now if you buy during the BER months, you should be able to find winter gloves for sale in H and M, Forever 21, and Giordano.

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Fingerless and Lace Gloves for sale Philippines

woman closed eyes

If you are looking for cute fingerless and lace gloves, check our Terranova and Daiso. Both offer the same quality but Daiso winter gloves are much cuter and cheaper. Yes, for only 88 pesos you can find a cute winter fingerless glove. Lazada also offers cute lacy and fingerless gloves for as low as 200 pesos including adorable gloves for the little ones.

Leather Gloves Philippines


There are only two places I go to when I’m shopping for the elegant leather gloves. Its either Marks and Spencer for expensive yet absolutely beautiful leather gloves or Lazada. Although the prices in Lazada are much cheaper, it’s still a bit of a gamble because you only see it through a photo and it can look different once it arrives. The good thing is Lazada has a return program so you can easily get a refund for your order.

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Gloves for Extreme Winter Sports Philippines

woman in snow

There is no better place to shop for winter accessories than in North Face and Columbia. Especially when you plan to do any kind of extreme sports, the Uniqlo gloves will not survive it. The gloves from these shops are not cheap but they really last long.

You can also shop in Ukay Ukay stores but it’s best when you do it in Baguio. The shops in Manila are very small compared to the buildings in Baguio. Plus its much cheaper there and you can already put it to test right away (since Baguio is a very cold city).

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