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Where to Buy Thermal Clothes in Manila

Its BER months again so everyone going on a winter vacation is asking where to buy thermal clothes in Manila. You’re in luck because this article discusses all the shops that sells thermal clothes. Whether you are on a budget or don’t mind splurging a little on branded thermal wear, this is the article for you.

When on a Budget – Where to Buy Cheap Winter Clothes in the Philippines

Now aside from winter coat, you also have to wear thermal clothes. These clothes help keep you extra warm, especially when visiting countries with snow. So if you’re on a budget below are the shops you can visit:

SM Surplus

SM Surplus Logo

Unbeknownst to many, SM Surplus offers very affordable thermal wear all year round. Most shops would sell it for 500 pesos for a top but SM Surplus sells it approximately 250 pesos for a top and bottom. It comes in different sizes so even plus size men and women can wear it. However, for female, the women’s sizes are much smaller so if the XL size doesn’t fit, don’t hesitate to get the XL for men.


Bench Logo

Based on my research, it looks like Bench is also offering thermal wears. I never saw it when I visit their branches but you can get one via their online store. Price is not as cheap as Surplus shop but its not expensive.

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Uniqlo Logo

Although Uniqlo is not a cheap brand, shopping early for your winter vacation makes a lot of difference. Usually, January to May are the months when winter wears are on big sale so take advantage of it. Their regular Heattechs is somewhere between 290 to 400 pesos per top or bottom.

As an alternative, they have turtleneck tops that are always on sale (I believe it is 290 pesos) that are not thermal wears BUT still warms you up. It’s a little thicker but its cheap so you can consider getting this if you’re on a budget but want quality wears. I don’t remember its name but its always marked with a big SALE sign every year so it’s very easy to see.

Other Shops

Every once in a while, you also find thermal wears sold in SM or Landmark department store. Usually during the BER months when many people are looking for it. So my advice is to shop months in advance and take the time to go around all four corners of the department store (clothes section) to see if there are great finds.

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When Willing to Spend – Where to Buy Branded and Quality Thermal Wear in the Philippines

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Logo

Probably one of the best shops to visit when looking for high-quality thermal wear is in Marks and Spencer. With just a touch of the cloth used, one would know that its a lot different compared to the cheaper ones. I tried one on and its very comfortable and warm. You almost don’t need a winter jacket when you are wearing this brand’s thermal wear.


Uniqlo Logo

Now in Uniqlo, there are actually different kinds of Heattech wearables or their version of thermal wears. It comes in regular Heattech and “Extra Warm” and “Ultra Warm”. The warm versions are not cheap but its as good as the ones in Marks and Spencer. I believe the only difference between the two is one is made in Japan and the other is not.

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Lazada and Zalora

Lazada Logo

Now if you don’t have the time to shop in malls, you can always shop online through Lazada and Zalora. However, you must be sure of your size if you don’t want to go through the hassle of returning the item. As of the moment, prices in the two shops is somewhere between 2,ooo to 3,000 for a top or bottom.



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