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GOOGLE Opens Opportunities For Pinoy App Developers

In this day and age, it is undeniable that almost everyone in the world has their own smartphone. And through these smartphones, Pinoy app developers have big opportunities to reach the world and earn thousands of dollars. Just last year, a total of 82 billion applications has been installed in users from all around the world. In each user is an opportunity to earn through ads or microtransactions. All Pinoys need to do is develop an app that targets not just Filipinos but people from all around the world.

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As of today,135 countries already allow direct payment through credit and debit cards while 55 countries allow direct carrier billing. 20 countries allow PayPal payments and 30 countries have started gift card payments which can be bought in 700,000 locations. This means its much easier now for any user to pay for a digital service and all app developers need to do is offer and market their apps.

One of the most successful Filipino app developers in Google Play Store is Howard Go. He used to be the vice president of a telco firm but decided to shift his career in creating apps. Today, he is the co-founder of MochiBits, LLC which earns approximately $10,000 a month. That is roughly 500,000 pesos each month!

Google Starts a Mentoring Program for Southeast Asian Indie Game Developers

According to, Google has opened a new mentoring program which is like an app development course the Philippines and all countries in Southeast Asia. It is designed to help app developers improve the apps they are developing. Once an app meets the requirements, its developers can receive direct feedback from Google, explore in-depth tools and get a chance to be featured in Google Play Store’s Indie Corner.

Filipinos just need to sign up and submit their game at It is required that the app submitted be unique and not have any similar games in Play Store. In addition, the app must not have any glitches and should have good technical performance. Lastly, it should also have player analytics, utilize IAB, app licensing and is launched in Google Play Store.

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