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Gen San Hybrid Train Service Starts Third Week of November

General Santos’ Hybrid Train is finally ready to serve by the third week of November. The new hybrid train is set to transport commuters from Tinagacan to Oval Plaza and Oval Plaza to Fishport said DOST officials. Soon they plan to extend the route to further improve the transportation system in the city.

Blue Hybrid Electric Road Train

via ABS-CBN News

According to ABS CBN news, the new hybrid train is as big regular bus or 40 meters long which can fit a total of 240 passengers. It is powered by an electric battery and hybrid diesel fuel so it can run as fast as 50 kph and will not need any suspended cables to operate.

The train will only be taking the outermost lane so it will not cause any traffic. However, tricycle and jeep owners are skeptical as this new transportation option can affect their daily income. As of the moment, officials are still studying how much they will charge their passengers and the train’s schedule.

This isn’t the first time a hybrid train has been used in the country. It first debuted in Cebu where it served commuters and its neighboring cities for free early this year. If this project becomes a success, it wouldn’t be impossible if other cities also get their own hybrid train.

The good thing about this train is that it’s mainly electric powered so it’s also good for the environment. Commuting has always been one of the problems in the country and it’s great that the government is continuously finding ways to improve it.

The new hybrid train is called HERT which stands for Hybrid Electric Road Train. It is deployed by the Department of Science and Technology. It is not only designed by Filipino engineers but is also made of parts that are all found in the Philippines. There is no announcements yet whether HERT will also come in Metro Manila.

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