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Zoobic Night Safari: Experience the Wildlife at Night

This year, Zoobic Safari brings back their “Zoobic Night Safari” in all Saturdays of November. It features an exciting tour around the safari at night, giving guests a one of a kind wildlife experience. This includes feeding ferocious crocodiles, walking side by side with big greyhounds and close encounters with the vicious tigers and lions.

Zoobic Night Safari Close Encounter with Tigers

The whole tour starts at 6 PM and ends at approximately 8:30 PM. Aside from witnessing wild animal’s habitat at night, it also includes a tour around their classic attraction, a walk-through the petting zoo, a one of a kind animal parade, and getting to know our brother Aetas and their history. And that’s not all, it also features special dance performance that you can only appreciate at night!


When our team was invited to join this month’s show, the program included an amazing light dance that’s absolutely entertaining! Our favorite part was the walk with greyhounds as you will literally walk through an enchanting forest. It was scary but exciting at the same time as each of us have greyhounds to guide us through it. Of course, nothing beats meeting the crocodiles and tigers as we get the best interactive encounter one can experience with these animals. Overall, it was a great experience that every Filipino and tourist must try when in Subic.

Tourist walking with the greyhounds at Zoobic Night Safari.

And coming this summer, Zoobic Safari will also start offering GlampZ or glamorous camping right inside the safari and other new attractions in the coming months! Be sure to like Zoomanity Group’s official Facebook page ( to get instant updates when the glamping attraction is ready. Registration for the Zoobic Night Safari starts at 5 PM and you can also purchase tickets or reserve your slots online. For inquiries, questions, and reservation, you may contact them at 847-0413 or 899-9824. You can also text them at 0927-5899696 or visit their website at

A camel at Zoobic Night Safari show.

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