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FREE Entrance at Tree Top Adventure in Subic and Baguio

One of the best attractions in the Philippines is Tree Top Adventure in Subic and Baguio. Not only does it have breathtaking rides, promote nature preservation but also cheap as there is no entrance fee to visit it! It’s an ideal place to visit for families, friends and even for team building purposes.

Tree Top Adventure Subic and Baguio Ads

Tree Top Adventure Subic and Baguio

Located in the heart of Subic and Baguio, Tree Top Adventure is a strong advocate of the conservation of nature and healthy living. All their rides and attraction are environment-friendly which includes zip lines, Superman, tree drop, free fall, silver surfer, skywalk, trekking and more in the coming months. Each ride costs 100 to 350 pesos but will be discounted generously when purchased as a package.

Each ride features a view high above the ground so it will truly give you a one of a kind tour around the beautiful nature of the Philippines. And when you view it from Baguio, you get to enjoy the scenic tour with cold mountain wind. Meanwhile, view the picturesque sight in Subic and you get to savor the hot summer air.

And aside from the adventurous rides, visitors can also enjoy a trip through their natural sanctuary hidden in the woods. This gives you and your family a chance to get to know nature and take a time off from hustles and bustles of life. This includes a jungle trail that comes with suspension an on a bridge, platforms nestled on branches and the world’s first motorized canopy tour!

With regards to safety, the tourist attraction is developed by experienced engineers who also happens to be the owner of Tree Top Adventure. It is located inside Camp John Hay in Baguio and SBMA in Subic which are known for their top-notch service and earth-friendly advocacies.

For more information about bookings and entrance, please contact Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas at 09166299381 or send email to /

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