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All the Michelin Star Restaurants and Chefs in Manila

Michelin star restaurants is basically an internationally recognized restaurant for their exceptional cuisine and high-quality cooking. And in the Philippines, several Michelin star restaurants have already opened and is expected to grow this year. In addition, most of these exquisite restaurants that branched out in the Philippines are not as expensive as one would think it would be.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Manila

Din Tai Fung
SM Megamall

Din Tai Fung poster of making Xiao Long Bao

via Din Tai Fung

A Taiwanese restaurant known for their “xiao long bao”. This type of dim sum is almost like a siomai but packed with very hot soup inside. One of the best ways to eat it is just like eating a “balut”. Take a small bite at the top and slurp the meaty broth first. Then eat it all in one bite.

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Tim Ho Wan
SM Malls

Tim Ho Wan Logo


A restaurant from Hong Kong that is known for their baked pork buns. It is like our favorite pan de sal but much softer. Each bite gives you a taste of savory and saucy meat, just like a siopao, that melts in your mouth. One of the reasons why many people love Tim Ho Wan is because of its affordability. Its actually one of the cheapest Michelin star restaurants in the world so its definitely a must-try.

Yummy pork buns!


FOO’D by Chef Davide Oldani

FOO'D by Chef Davide Oldani dining area.

via ABS-CBN news

Michelin star chef Davide Oldani is known for his one of a kind Italian dishes. And why wouldn’t he be? He was an apprentice under renowned chefs like Michel ROux Jr. and Alain Ducasse. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget, the restaurant is known for its luxury food at an affordable price.

Hawker Chan
Coming Soon

Singapore Hawker center.

via wikimedia

A Singaporean restaurant is also set to arrive in the Philippines this year. It is not just known for their incredibly tasty soya sauce chicken rice but also for being very affordable. In fact, it booted out Tim Ho Wan as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant so its really worth waiting for. In Singapore, an order of the famous Michelin star meal will only cost SG $2 or approximately 75 pesos. In the Philippines, the meals will be priced slightly higher, at 99 pesos per meal, but still very affordable.

Tsuta Ramen
Coming Soon

Tsuta Ramen ad banner.


Finally, a Michelin starred Japanese restaurant has also found its way in the Philippines. According to its organizers, it should open this November in BGC. The restaurant is known for its “Shoyu Soba” ramens which are made of a2-year-old soy-based broth, seafood stock, whole wheat flour noodles, black truffle oil chashu, soy-based chicken, red wine, rosemary infusions, and a lot more.

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