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TNC Philippines Opens Opportunities to Aspiring Players of LOL, CS Go, Crossfire, Hearthstone and DOTA 2

The grand opening of TNC Philippine Holdings Inc in Quezon City has given new opportunities for Filipino aspiring players to be a professional in the world of eSports. The company aims to mentor and support local teams from different online games and give them the training and exposure they need to make it big internationally. In addition, the company will dive into research, innovations, and development to further improve the development of eSports in the country.

TNC Pro Team with their manager on grand opening of TNC's E. Rodriguez brand.

TNC Philippine Holdings, Inc Grand Opening

As of the moment, TNC Philippines are already supporting groups from different online games. This includes LOL, CS Go, Crossfire, Hearthstone and an all-girl group of DOTA 2. But aspiring need not worry as TNC continues to look for new aspiring players in the near future.

The grand opening of the company happened on October 10, 2017, at 477 Filomena Building, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City. We were one of the lucky ones who is invited to the event and the building features an exclusive room for each of the game/team they support. This shows how serious and dedicated TNC is in helping their fellow kababayans get the break they deserve.

In the near future, TNC has plans in establishing bigger eSports events, expansion of the company, go full power with their gears and merchandise. Eventually, the team also wants to go global and create an international presence. “We want the whole Southeast Asia to shine and claim its spot as the world’s eSports capital,” said Lester Ryan Wong, CEO of TNC Philippine Holdings Inc.

TNC History and the People Behind It

According to Mr. Eric M. Redulfin, TNC only started with 4 computers that have now expanded to over 100 branches with a total of 12,000 computers. Meanwhile, CEO Lester Ryan Wong has traveled different countries and experienced the various kinds of eSports. He aims to support the growth of eSports in the country and soon worldwide.

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